7 Celebrities Who Got Busted For Weed

Seeing pink and blue lights flashing makes virtually anybody twitch with nervousness in the event that they’re sitting on a stash of inexperienced. Still, us widespread people aren’t the one ones freaked on the sight of the po-po. Celebrities and people with life of the wealthy and well-known nonetheless face the identical terror getting caught holding onto marijuana. They can simply afford higher authorized counsel than us regulars. Here are simply seven celebrities who obtained busted for weed.

7. Carlos Henderson, Bronco’s Wide Receiver 

7 Celebrities Who Got Busted For Weed


While definitely removed from the league of others making this record, Carlos Henderson’s arrest story deserves telling. Earlier this yr police pulled Henderson and a pal over in Louisiana. Paranoid, Henderson scarfed the weed from underneath the passenger seat. Busted!  When the suspicious cops advised him to say, “Ah,” after seeing the rest of a J, they noticed his green-colored tongue. Caught red-handed? More like “caught green-tongued”.


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