A Whole-Plant Terpene Profile for Extracts? Israel Company is Making it Happen

Consistency is the trail to success for Eybna Technologies Ltd., a developer of customized hashish extraction strategies.

The analysis and improvement firm, based in 2014 in Israel, focuses on creating what may be thought-about terpene know-how, which is bought to corporations within the US, Canada and Europe, principally by way of CDB distillates and oils.

Its final objective is to seek out the easiest way to take care of a constant product. Eybna takes an ethnobotanical analysis strategy to hashish. By accumulating info on using medical hashish chemovars – the chemically distinct entities within the plant – the corporate identifies a sample between chemically distinct profiles of hashish strains and medical circumstances.

Eybna and Berkeley, California-based Steep Hill Labs in April launched Delta, a service providing custom-made terpene batches to revive unique whole-flower qualities that may be added to oil-based merchandise to realize consistency.


Big knowledge helps the corporate perceive these chemovar entities present in strains steadily most popular by sufferers for particular medical sicknesses.

The concept of this strategy is to attempt to take a step towards “personalized cannabis consumption,” so when a hashish pressure matches a necessity for somebody to whom it’s prescribed, that individual can anticipate to persistently be offered the identical aid after every use, Nadav Eyal, Eybna’s co-founder and CEO, advised Marijuana.com.

“Our goal is to build a cannabis whole-plant experience,” he stated.

He considers what Eybna is doing the “science behind cannabis.” And the scientific efforts like these they’re enterprise are simply starting.

“I like to compare it to the age of computers,” he stated, referring to the early days of the pc revolution, when computer systems crammed whole rooms and required refined coaching to function. “I think cannabis is currently in a position that it needs to go through a process of development in order to make it more suitable to people. We believe that in the work we are doing we will be able to continue a lot to personalized cannabis medicine that’s building its way into the market in the next five to 10 years.”

The power and results of hashish don’t rely solely on the THC and CBD ratios. Instead they depend on greater than a dozen teams of compounds that work synergistically to realize the impact and aroma of hashish.

Among these compounds are terpenes, a big group of natural compounds produced by quite a lot of crops. The complicated construction of hashish is designed from the cooperation of over 200 totally different terpenes.

Eyal defined that terpenes compose lower than 5 % of a dried hashish flower’s complete weight, and that every hashish phenotype has its personal terpene profile that helps decide its odor, style, and impact.

Terpenes in concentrations above zero.05 % are thought-about of pharmacological curiosity as a result of they believed to have the ability to be capable of shield the physique towards illnesses. Most hashish concentrates lack the “whole-plant full therapeutic effect” of the unique flower they have been extracted from, and regardless of how refined the extraction technique is, vital lack of terpene and different risky molecules happen within the extraction course of, based on Eyal.

The medical significance of the entire plant in comparison with remoted cannabinoids has turn out to be obvious in recent times, so the presence and consistency of these compounds are crucial elements within the high quality of hashish concentrates, he stated.

The applied sciences being developed by Eybna allows producers to revive the “whole flower” terpene profile of their extracts, whereas sustaining consistency and assuring a “whole flower” shopper expertise in each batch of oil, in response to him.

Distillates, a kind of extract containing excessive ranges of cannabinoids, expertise the loss and evaporation of just about all of the terpenes from the unique flower, he defined.

Distillation includes boiling adopted by condensation of the vapors, leaving impurities and different substances behind. In hashish distillation, the plant’s uncooked materials is topic to excessive temperature and strain, inflicting risky molecules like terpenes to evaporate.

The boiling level of THC, for instance, is 314 levels Fahrenheit, or 156.67 levels Celsius. Terpenes have a a lot decrease boiling level, at round 246 levels Fahrenheit, or 118.89 levels Celsius, in order that they evaporates lengthy earlier than THC.

“Therefore, the distillation process produces a highly pure cannabis distillate with barely to no terpenes,” Eyal stated.

This is why the corporate has confidence in its targeted pursuit of consistency, in accordance with Eyal.
Eybna lately opened a subsidiary within the US, and within the subsequent few months the corporate additionally has plans to enter the market in Canada, the place nationwide legalization was scheduled for Oct. 17, 2018..

The final plan is to ultimately have representatives “wherever cannabis is legal,” Eyal stated.  

“We see a big mission of ours to bring the knowledge and the science that we have gathered in Israel into consumer products and not just keeping that in the laboratory,” he stated.


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