An Otherworldly Experience:’s Glow-In-The-Dark Pop-Up is particular. Every so typically a pop-up restaurant idea hits Los Angeles that breaks by way of the static and modifications the sport. This is a type of ideas, however to easily name it a pop-up restaurant doesn’t do it justice. It’s an immersive eating expertise that leaves you drooling for extra.

Out of This World

When I heard earned an prolonged run in Los Angeles following sold-out stints in Atlanta and Charlotte, I knew I needed to go. After puffing an Aster Farms Outer Space pre-roll (it appeared like a becoming smoke to pre-game consuming luminescent meals) my Weed+Grub podcast co-host Mary Jane Gibson and I hopped in an Uber, and blazed by means of the bending streets of the Hollywood Hills in the direction of’s shipping-container-turned-restaurant on the grounds of the famed Yamashiro Restaurant, the place we have been handled to probably the most beautiful view of the City of Angels.

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After confirming we’d ordered the “Omotenashi” VIP Chef Experience, we have been handed ice chilly sake mules, courtesy of’s partnership with Hiro Sake. They have been candy, limey, and boozy, and as we sipped them standing beside an Eight-foot-tall grinning Golden Buddha whereas watching the sundown, we felt transported to a different dimension.

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A Portal to Another Dimension

The story behind is gorgeous. As we have been led by means of the underbelly of Yamashiro, by means of a secret staircase within the kitchen and down a glowing pink hallway in the direction of our meal, we have been stopped briefly by our information, who advised us the story of why these luxurious bowls of ramen brightly glow. 

The story goes one thing like: “The creator of lumen-ramen had a dream one night that there was a storm. A family was separated by the storm, and now they’re looking for each other. As they seek one another out, the closer they get to rejoining their family and the people they love, the food they cook glows brighter. It comes to life.” Pure theater!

After this story, Mary Jane let loose a bit of gasp. We each felt how lucky we have been to expertise this literal dream come true.  

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An Interstellar Experience

Before we even acquired contained in the tiny delivery container that homes, we might odor the bubbly, fatty 10-hour ramen broth ready to be ladled into our bowls. It instantly turned my cottonmouth right into a saliva swimming pool (Gross? Maybe, however so true.)  

We have been greeted by upbeat cooks who obtained sake photographs flowing whereas our specialty drinks have been ready. Mary Jane indulged in a Nakamura Arashi (Josen sake, Roku Gin, cherry brandy, coconut milk and viola flower) that seemed prefer it tasted: attractive AF. I sipped a Noroi (Barley Honkaku Shochu, Yuzu Umeshu Benedictine, yuzu juice shish, basil, and lime leaves) that made me glow just like the drink itself.

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By now, our bellies have been black holes of starvation. And the luminescent bowls of noodles that arrived in entrance of us have been mind-altering. The entire tiny area went silent, apart from slurping sounds of ecstasy. It felt like a food-porn acid journey. 

We shared the unique Tsukemen (tonkotsu lumen broth, lumen shoyu tare, blue lumen noodles, braised pork stomach, scallions, tonkotsu fats, bamboo shoots, fish cake, katsuobushi) and the basic Asahikawa (tonkotsu broth, lumen shoyu tare, inexperienced lumen noodles, tiger prawn, gyoza, crispy hen pores and skin, smoked pork fats, napa cabbage, shiitake mushroom, pickled ginger). #WTFisThisLife

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Back to Reality, Almost

We didn’t need the delectable expertise to finish, and fortunate for us it didn’t should. has partnered with the debaucherous Disco Dining Club to create Yomi’s Saloon, which is billed as:

“The underworld’s only bar where the dead and the living co-exist. Welcome sinners, cowboys, soldiers, lumberjacks, miners and gamblers. Welcome those with a soul and those who left their soul in the realm of the living. Welcome home.”

Courtesy of Disco Dining Club

We sipped glowstick-colored cocktails wrapped in plumes of sage smoke, and recapped the noodle-filled night time whereas slowly returning to Earth. Grab your personal tickets for an out-of-this-world expertise, spark a fatty up earlier than you go, and benefit from the journey. prolonged their LA keep till August 11th. Get tickets right here. 

Mike Glazer is an Emmy-nominated comic who graduated from culinary faculty, and is obsessed together with his podcast Weed+Grub.


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