Anatomy of a Bong 101: What are the Different Parts of a Bong?

The anatomy of a bong is various and extra complicated than one may assume. Bongs are available many styles and sizes, however there are some options which you can look forward to finding on most items. Bongs set themselves aside as a hashish smoking equipment as a result of they’ve a number of chambers with water to filter and funky smoke. Bongs might be made of wooden, acrylic, tender glass, borosilicate, silicone, metallic, and different supplies.

Most bongs, nevertheless, are made of glass and consist of a number of elements, versus bowls, which are sometimes all-in-one. As a outcome, there are a number of extra items of glass to fret about. We’ll go over the anatomy of a bong to provide you a higher understanding of all the elements and their particular person features.

Bowl Piece

Anatomy of A Bong

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From weed to inhaled smoke, smoking a bong begins at the bowl piece.

The bowl is the place you pack your weed after it has been by way of a grinder or damaged down. Bowls are available a number of styles and sizes, however typically it’s simply a “push” or glass indent with a gap at the backside.

Some are only for aesthetics, whereas others have useful functions.

Many newer bowls have built-in glass screens, eliminating the want for smoking via thin-wired metallic screens that must be changed typically.

There are a number of totally different types of built-in screens with various-sized holes to fit your choice. If you don’t need something making it previous the bowl, go together with a smaller gap display, like the honey-comb type.

Ash Catcher

Anatomy of a Bong


With a identify like ash catcher, the perform is a lifeless giveaway. You guessed it—an ash catcher is a glass attachment that catches ash.

They catch the ash out of your bowl when it sinks by way of the gap. This prevents ash from stepping into your bong, after which probably your mouth.

Despite the identify’s give attention to that one perform, ash catchers are helpful for different causes. Some ash catchers include built-in percolators to additional filter and funky the smoke.

Additionally, ash catchers will accumulate most of the tar and gunk from common use earlier than your bong does.

They’re a lot simpler to wash than the entire bong, and once you do, you gained’t have to wash a bong as typically as you usually would to maintain the taste and performance on level.


Anatomy of A Bong

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The half of the bong that holds your down stem known as a joint. There can also be a joint at the finish of all down stems.

Some bongs have a fastened stem with no detachable down stem. In these instances, the bowl goes straight into the joint of the bong.

Joints usually are available three sizes: 10mm, 14mm and 18mm measurement holes. For smoking weed, you’re going to need to make certain the joints are feminine and never male.

Female joints permit the male jointed bowl piece, stem or ash catcher to be inserted as an alternative of wrapping round the joint.

Male joints turned widespread for designated dab rigs that use domes and nails.

Down Stem

Anatomy of A Bong

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One of the most essential elements of the anatomy of a bong is the down stem. The down stem is the bridge between the bowl and the water in the fundamental chamber of your bong.

At the finish nearer to the joint, there must be a 10, 14 or 18mm sized gap. Down stems are available many various types with numerous features.

The most elementary down stem is simply a glass straw with a gap at the finish to trigger effervescent. However, there are much more intricate down stems with their very own built-in percolators to additional cool smoke.

For glass bongs, we advocate utilizing a plastic clip to maintain the down stem fastened to your bong. It’ll make it simpler to clear a bowl.

We’ve seen many stems come out together with the bowl as soon as issues get gunked up. Then, the stem can fall and break—if it didn’t snap on the method out of the bong.

Some lower-end bongs have the down stem and bowl multi functional piece, and confer with them as slides.


Anatomy of A Bong

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The percolator is used to filter the smoke further occasions after it passes the water at the finish of your stem.

There are so many differing kinds of percolators on the market, it’s onerous to inform which is the greatest with out an concept of your particular person wants.

Avoid tons of tiny small holes in case you’re not a common bong cleaner. Eventually, the holes will get clogged up, negatively impacting the efficiency of your bong.

Splash Guard / Ice Pinch

Anatomy of A Bong

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A splash guard is a function discovered often in some bongs with heavy percolation. As the identify suggests, its function is to stop the water effervescent upwards from getting by way of the mouthpiece. Splash guards come in several shapes.

Before there have been splash guards, the solely factor you’d discover near the mouthpiece of a bong was the ice pinch.

Three spikes of glass come to carry ice. This cools the air earlier than it reaches the mouthpiece. Now there are higher splash guards that appear to be dome percolators proper under the mouthpiece.

For some bongs, a bent neck acts as a further splashguard, making it more durable for water to journey up and out of the mouthpiece.


Anatomy of A Bong

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The remaining cease the smoke has to make earlier than arriving at your lungs is the mouthpiece.

Traditionally, mouthpieces have been horizontal, at the highest level of the bong.

Now, you’ll find bent-neck bongs with angled mouthpieces permitting you to get a hit with out having to hunch over the bong.

Now that you recognize all of the particular person elements of the anatomy of a bong, you’ll know what you’re taking a look at when shopping the cabinets of a smoke store. Understanding the features of every half ought to assist when selecting between two equally priced items. If you are feeling like your present bong is just too harsh, you will get an ash catcher with a built-in percolator to assist make hits smoother. If your weed sinks into the bowl earlier than it’s all smoked, it’s time for an ash catcher, and maybe a bowl with a smaller gap or built-in display.

Regular bong people who smoke, whether or not smoking flower or moonrocks, ought to use a glass bong as a result of they’re better-tasting and simpler to wash. However, when you are clumsy, you need to comply with our tricks to keep away from destroying your bong.


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