Brooklyn Community Leaders Demand Action After Multiple K2 Overdoses

Standing in entrance of a bodega shuttered by the NYPD’s efforts to crack down on artificial marijuana distributors, City Council member Robert Cornegy spoke concerning the epidemic plaguing his Brooklyn group. In Bushwick, the nook of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue is well-known by residents as a scorching spot for K2. And after 5 individuals overdosed on the drug early on Saturday, group leaders, elected officers and the NYPD got here collectively to demand a change in course and a change within the narrative round K2 abuse in Brooklyn.

Community Leaders Decry Conditions on the Root of K2 Abuse

Along with elected officers, group leaders and the NYPD, metropolis council member Robert Cornegy made a neighborhood name to motion throughout a press convention as we speak to attract consideration to the continued artificial marijuana drawback in Brooklyn.

In the newest incident at an intersection recognized for K2, police responded to calls about 5 males who had overdosed on the artificial drug. All 5 males have been in secure situation when paramedics transported them to Woodhull Hospital.

During the decision to motion, Cornegy denounced 5 as nonetheless a “horrible number”. But he famous that 5 was lower than the 25 individuals who overdosed on K2 in a single day again in May, and fewer than the 33 hospitalized in 2016 for K2 abuse.

But Cornegy is aware of the newest overdose outbreak is an indication the group hasn’t utterly shaken its K2 drawback. That, Cornegy stated, would require broader investments in schooling, housing and remedy for substance abuse. “Until we have an education system that allows people to achieve the highest in education and where they can feel comfortable in affordable housing, you are going to have this kind of behavior,” Cornegy stated.

K2 Epidemic Brings Community Leaders and NYPD Together

At the last-minute Monday press convention, Cornegy praised the NYPD’s cooperation with Brooklyn group leaders and native elected officers. In reality, Cornegy described the cooperation as “the first time” all three teams had come collectively to deal with an issue.

And on the behest of these leaders, police are prioritizing cracking down on distributors, relatively than victimizing and criminalizing individuals who use K2. The outcomes are encouraging. Several bodegas discovered to be hubs of K2 distribution have been shut down. As a outcome, sellers are again to one-on-one, hand-to-hand transactions, slowing the unfold of the damaging drug.

For neighborhood residents, that’s a step in the correct path. Many have grown uninterested in seeing “zombies”—individuals excessive on K2—ambling by way of their neighborhood. K2 is extraordinarily harmful, and overdoses are growing in New York City, the CDC studies.

But calling K2 artificial marijuana may be deceptive. K2 has little to do with hashish, though typically the consequences could be considerably comparable. More typically, nevertheless, the consequences are debilitating and dangerous. K2 is an advert hoc combination of chemical compounds sprayed on plant materials and smoked. Even saying that victims of K2 “overdose” on the drug is a misnomer. There’s no regular dose of K2 to start with, and the consequences may be wildly unpredictable.


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