Can You Manage The Symptoms of Menopause With Cannabis?

Menopause marks the top of a lady’s menstrual cycle. According to the Mayo Clinic, signs embrace irregular durations, temper modifications, scorching flashes, vaginal dryness and points with sleeping. Most ladies stay over a 3rd of their life with menopause. Due to the ensuing discomfort and stress and the increasing makes use of of medical marijuana, many are asking: are you able to handle the signs of menopause with hashish?

Traditional Treatments for Menopause

Women expertise menopause on account of decreased fertility after their our bodies cease producing sure hormones. To counter this hormone imbalance, some docs prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy. This sometimes interprets to taking an estrogen and progesterone complement.

Recent analysis has discovered that Hormone Replacement Therapy poses a critical well being danger. A research revealed in 2002 revealed that HRT will increase the danger of breast most cancers and coronary heart illness.

Later, a second research discovered that one’s danger of dementia, stroke, and blood clots will increase with estrogen dietary supplements.

According to National Public Radio, these research lowered the quantity of ladies taking hormone replacements by virtually half. In an interview with NPR, Dr. JoAnn Manson, who performs an lively position in menopausal analysis, explains that these findings are removed from clear-cut.

“This is a big, complicated study,” Dr. Manson says. “For just one example, the two trials found that taking estrogen alone reduced the risk of breast cancer while taking it with progestin increased breast cancer risk.”

Women’s Health Concern argues that, for a lot of ladies, the discomfort of menopause exceeds the risks of HRT. However, they add that older ladies ought to be warier of hormone alternative as a result of they’re extra in danger.

Overall the nonprofit is aware that statistically, a lady’s probability of creating breast most cancers or coronary heart illness significantly will increase with this medicine. This signifies that it is best to solely take the minimal efficient dose.

Alternative Treatments

Can You Manage The Symptoms of Menopause With Cannabis?

Many ladies are dissatisfied with hormone alternative remedy as the one ‘effective’ remedy for menopause. Instead, they’re turning to dietary supplements and pure cures.

Flaxseed and soy include phytoestrogens—estrogen present in crops—so many ladies try and assuage their signs with eating regimen. Experts cite Vitamin E and train as widespread coping mechanisms for menopause.

But these dietary supplements can’t remedy menopause. As a end result, health-conscious ladies speculate, are you able to handle the signs of menopause with hashish?

The Endocannabinoid System

Impact Cannabis, a nonprofit affiliation devoted to learning medical marijuana, attributes half of menopausal discomfort to a lower in endocannabinoid signaling.

The endocannabinoid system is a organic system of proteins and protein receptors whose position is to take care of homeostasis within the physique. It regulates every thing from temper, to fertility and ache sensitivity.

Research on the cannabinoids in marijuana result in the invention of the endocannabinoid system within the human physique.

Ovaries are aside of the endocannabinoid system. Some speculate that deficiencies in sure varieties of neurotransmitters within the endocannabinoid system induce early menopause.

Additionally, the low ranges of estrogen that comply with menopause correspond to decrease exercise within the endocannabinoid system. This can negatively have an effect on your temper.

The robust hyperlink between the endocannabinoid system and menopause means that there’s potential for marijuana to deal with menopause.

However, because of lack of analysis, scientists don’t but perceive the specifics of the connection between these organic processes.

Marijuana for Pain Management

Can You Manage The Symptoms of Menopause With Cannabis?

There is even much less scientific inquiry on the consequences of marijuana on menopause. What we do know is that marijuana’s cannabinoids work inside the human endocannabinoid system.

This is why hashish is an efficient painkiller, temper enhancer and treats circumstances resembling Parkinson’s illness, premenstrual syndrome, and seizures.

And its painkilling potential isn’t restricted a brief record of circumstances: Though ladies have fewer cannabinoid receptors after menopause, THC can nonetheless be a strong ache administration device.

Some specialists do warn that hashish can produce damaging results for older ladies who’ve decrease ranges of estrogen, and subsequently require a better dose of THC.

Final Hit: Can You Manage The Symptoms of Menopause With Cannabis?

If one of the signs of menopause that you simply’re experiencing is ache, then there’s a good probability that marijuana might help. As is the case with each drug remedy, particularly these missing in analysis, chances are you’ll expertise uncomfortable side effects or have to switch your dosage.

The reply to the query, are you able to handle the signs of menopause with hashish, is: probably. Unfortunately, on this political local weather, experimentation with medical marijuana is left to the person.

On the entire, the risks of hormone alternative remedy outweigh these of medical marijuana.

And typically, healthcare professionals are dissuaded via lack of marijuana schooling or disincentivized by drug corporations to prescribe marijuana.

So why not attempt a pure and natural answer earlier than placing your self in danger?


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