Chris Bennett's Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult

Although not extensively recognised, hashish and different psychoactive crops have performed a task in magic since historic occasions; for who’s the primitive shaman however the historic counterpart of the medieval and renaissance period magician? In the case of hashish, we all know from archeological data that its ritual relationship with humanity goes again at the very least 5,500 years when remnants of proof in a forgotten collapse Ukraine revealed its use for ritual fumigation in the Stone Age. Although such historic archeological finds are coated in the first two chapters of Liber 420, the e-book is concentrated on 10th-19th century Europe and the occult Hermetic traditions.

Few books on the historical past of magic element the position of psychoactive substances, and the editors of and commentators on trendy translations of medieval and renaissance period grimoires seldom talk about the relevance of entries that include recipes containing hashish, opium, numerous nightshades and different psychoactive preparations. Notable on this class are grimoires like the 13th century Picatrix, together with the 16th century works, Sepher Raziel: Liber Salomonis (1564) and the Book of Magic, With Instructions for Invoking Spirits, and so on. (ca. 1577-1583).

Cannabis in excessive magick

Picatrix is taken into account considered one of the founding paperwork of the Western magical custom. Originally translated into Latin in the 13th century from the 10th century Arabic magical grimoire The Ghayat al Hakim, on the bequest of the Spanish King Alfonso X, Picatrix is a testomony to the pivotal position of medicine in magic. The astrological magic of Picatrix is loaded with references to opium, henbane, mandrake, datura and different potent psychoactive crops. It additionally accommodates a recipe for incense to invoke a “servant of the moon” that included stag blood, amber, camphor and over a pound of hashish resin!

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