Chronically Ill 24-Year-Old Man Fired For Using Marijuana

A chronically unwell 24-year-old man fired for utilizing marijuana serves as a sobering reminder. Despite spreading legalization and acceptance, medical marijuana sufferers should typically face an inconceivable choice. Do they prioritize their well being or their careers? This type of selection isn’t minimize and dry. And for some, selecting to remain wholesome comes with a price.

Kristian Hidalgo

Chronically Ill 24-Year-Old Man Fired For Using Marijuana

Green City Force

The chronically ailing 24-year-old man fired for utilizing marijuana is Kristian Hidalgo. Born and raised within the South Bronx in New York, Hidalgo has battled melancholy since his teenage years. And then, in 2015, a number of extreme bodily illnesses added to his struggles. His docs recognized him with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and persistent fatigue syndrome. To deal with and handle these circumstances, Hidalgo acquired numerous prescriptions for medicine. Some of that are sometimes given to senior sufferers. And might result in sterility.

In an interview with The New York Times, Hidalgo disclosed that his plans for the longer term embrace having youngsters. Therefore, a medicine that may trigger such a aspect impact is undesirable. To handle his signs, Hidalgo typically makes use of over-the-counter ache cures. They do little or no when it comes to aid.

A yr after the signs of his persistent sickness began, Hidalgo gave hashish a attempt for the primary time. It proved to be rather more efficient than the medicine bought over-the-counter. And it was particularly interesting as a result of it handled all of his circumstances.

“Smoking [cannabis] is an alternative that’s way better than taking a medication for pain, [another] for depression, [and one] for anxiety,” he says. “For all that, I can just smoke. A little bit, and I’m good.”

The similar yr Hidalgo began treating his persistent sickness with hashish, he scored a job in power administration with Green City Force. He disclosed his want for medical hashish together with his employers. But three months later, his supervisors discovered him medicating at work. Green City Force subsequently fired him. Hidalgo has since discovered employment elsewhere, however the pay price is decrease. To add to that, he’s in debt because of scholar loans.

The Chronic Pain of Cannabis Prohibition

Chronically Ill 24-Year-Old Man Fired For Using Marijuana

David Dee Delgado; The New York Times

Kristian Hidalgo’s story is, sadly, all too widespread. Although hashish legalization is turning into extra widespread within the United States, the plant stays a schedule 1 narcotic and is federally prohibited. Even in states the place a medical marijuana program has been established, sufferers usually are not completely protected.

Because of its criminalized standing, those that medicate their numerous illnesses and illnesses with hashish face obstacles starting from journey restrictions to protecting their jobs. While the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment prevents the federal authorities from persecuting and prosecuting medical marijuana sufferers in authorized states, many employers nonetheless apply drug screening. This typically places MMJ sufferers within the troublesome place of selecting between their job and their well being.

Activists are working tirelessly to vary the regulation and the unfavourable notion of people that eat hashish. And some employers are even re-examining their insurance policies relating to drug screening insurance policies. But there’s nonetheless an extended option to go earlier than a widespread change is feasible.

Final Hit: Chronically Ill 24-Year-Old Man Fired For Using Marijuana

Kristian Hidalgo, the 24-year-old man fired for utilizing marijuana, is a part of the bigger drawback with the federal prohibition of hashish. The Schedule 1 categorization of the plant unfairly targets medical marijuana sufferers and places them in danger for unemployment, and subsequently poverty and potential homelessness. Hidalgo maintains optimism for his future and is working onerous to repay his money owed in order that he can proceed his schooling.

“I’m 24 years old,” he says. “I have my whole life ahead of me. I’m not going to let a disease slow me down.”


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