Concentrate Review: Hells Fire OG Live Resin Crumble by Tasty Farms

Abandon all hope, you who enter right here” ~ Dante’s Divine Comedy

While Dante was compelled to navigate The Nine Circles of Hell to banish “misery” and acquire “bliss” within the Divine Comedy, Hells Fire OG Live Resin Crumble eliminates the necessity for such a making an attempt expedition.

Hells Fire OG Live Resin Crumble concentrates might sound overtly sinful, however they style like paradise on Earth! Manufactured by the gifted extract artists at Tasty Farms, these reside resin dabs are considered a potent mix of two heavy hitters – OG Kush x SFV OG. An Indica-dominant nug-run extract, these palatable dabs have been created using a way that extracts the plant’s helpful terpenes and cannabinoids from freshly harvested buds, that are flash frozen to subcritical temperatures in the course of the extraction course of. These reside resin concentrates retained their engaging flavors and pungent aromas for our collective dabbing pleasure.

Appearance: As a reside resin crumble, Hells Fire OG is a standout extract. Honeycombed with a golden yellow hue, Tasty Farms’ Hells Fire Crumble was vacuum purged and whipped to a secure texture. A visually engaging type of concentrates, its dry consistency is straightforward to work with – offered you might have the right dabbing instruments. Seemingly purified in purgatory, Hells Fire OG has cultivated a robust following because of its elevated efficiency and aesthetic attraction. Note: will crumble into tiny items with the contact of a dabber, and can stick again collectively if compressed.

Dab: An Indica-dominant crumble, Hells Fire OG Live Resin is the equal of holy water for the soul. My dab was like high-octane salvation for the thoughts, physique, and spirit, delivering divine mercy. Dabbed into submission with one outsized rip, the terpenes have been as essential because the cannabinoid content material to the general expertise. My dab was vaped from a heated ceramic nail and melted easily right into a golden puddle of quickly evaporating psychotropic compounds.

Flavor: Hells Fire OG tastes like a lemon-fueled OG with undertones of grape and diesel. The unadulterated terpenes captured in these extracts ignites the tongue’s style buds with its jet-fueled and hashy exhale. More highly effective and persistently scrumptious than its flower counterparts, these dabs depart an intense taste on the palate lengthy after your final dab.

The High: A one-rip-trip to the land of the philosophically pale, Hells Fire OG Live Resin Crumble delivered me from at the very least seven of The Nine Circles of Hell. No longer predisposed to commit treachery, fraud, violence, heresy, wrath, extravagance, or to languish in limbo, I simply have to regulate my gluttonous lust for my spouse’s pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.


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