Could Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patients Lose Gun Rights?

Medical marijuana sufferers are being discriminated towards due to the drugs they use. You could be a blatant drunk and nobody will come in your legally acquired weapons. However, this isn’t the case for medical marijuana customers in a number of states, together with Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania medical marijuana sufferers lose gun rights as soon as they develop into part of the state’s program. A police spokesman has warned sufferers that there can be penalties for deciding to maintain their weapons after turning into enrolled for medical marijuana.

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program

Under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, sufferers with sure critical medical circumstances are allowed to buy and eat hashish tablets, concentrates, topicals, tinctures however no dry leaf or plant type. It’d be exhausting to argue that members of the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program have been utilizing their drugs recreationally when it solely is available in extra medicinal varieties. Despite this, Pennsylvania sufferers are being anticipated to surrender their rights as in the event that they’re not accountable members of society.

Since marijuana continues to be a schedule I substance, medical marijuana customers in Pennsylvania will nonetheless be violating federal regulation. As a outcome, gun rights are considered one of a number of civil rights you would lose by registering to be a medical marijuana affected person.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patients Lose Gun Rights

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident enrolling within the medical marijuana program, firearm sellers will see that you simply’re part of this system throughout your background verify. At that time, they are going to be pressured to show you away. Even if that weren’t the case, firearm sellers are anticipated to disclaim gross sales to anybody they even suspect of consuming hashish.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that even earlier than the background examine, clients should fill out a type from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The type asks about marijuana use. If you verify off that you simply partake, the firearm vendor gained’t have the ability to promote you a gun.

Ryan Tarkowski, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania State Police stated the state’s authorities are “not in the business of offering legal advice, but it might be a good idea to contact an attorney about how best to dispose of their firearms.”

“If you’re a cardholder, you’ll be flagged,” he added.

Andrew Sacks, co-chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Medical Marijuana and Hemp Law Committee finds the firearm rule to be hypocritical.

“You can be an opioid addict, or buy a bottle of rum, drink it and go to a store and buy one,” he stated. “But a person who is registered as a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania, and has a very small dosage of THC, can’t own a gun to protect themselves or hunt.”

Final Hit: Could Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patients Lose Gun Rights?

It seems that any Pennsylvania medical marijuana affected person that chooses to maintain their firearm is placing themselves in danger. The irony is that alcoholics, opiate addict and even psychological sufferers have their second modification rights protected whereas medical sufferers and mild-mannered stoners are having their civil rights stripped away.


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