Elon Musk Trying Marijuana Isn't Shocking, but Our Hypocritical Response to It Should Be

Most Americans have already tried pot and lots of use it frequently. So why all of the overwrought reactions?

Elon Musk could also be in hassle, but it has nothing to do with the comparatively younger CEO taking a puff of marijuana on digital camera, as many have been led to consider. Tesla’s shares tumbled 6 % Friday, coincidentally after Musk took a singular toke of weed, but if the inventory’s decline was associated to his one puff quite than the deeper issues plaguing one in every of his corporations and the person himself, that might have been as a result of many within the media deeply mischaracterized the act and using marijuana.

The Fox affiliate in Denver — arguably the nation’s marijuana capital — for example, ran “Tesla stock falls as CEO Elon Musk appears to smoke marijuana on video,” whereas The San Francisco Chronicle went with the sometimes pun “Tesla stock take a hit after Elon Musk appears to smoke weed.” On CNBC Jeffrey Sonnenfeld of the Yale School of Management dubbed this marijuana second “reckless” earlier than declaring all of Tesla’s board “negligent.”

– Read the whole article at NBC News.


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