Fewer Canadians Faced Cannabis Charges in Years Leading to Legalization

This story was initially revealed in Straight Cannabis.

Even if one by no means spends a minute in jail, a cost for possessing hashish can hang-out a Canadian citizen for all times. It can flip up in job interviews and on the border with the United States. Given the plant is comparatively innocent to adults, a cost is a massively disproportionate penalty for possessing a drug that Canada is in the method of absolutely legalizing. And so it’s excellent news that authorities throughout the nation are charging fewer Canadians with possession.

According to new knowledge revealed by Statistics Canada, 2017 was the sixth yr in a row to see a decline in the variety of individuals charged with holding hashish.

Last yr, 13,768 individuals have been charged with marijuana possession. That’s down from 17,720 in 2016, from 21,320 the yr earlier than that, and from 24,535 possession expenses in 2014.

A CBC News article on the info describes 13,768 fees because the fewest recorded in 20 years.

As beforehand reported by the Straight, the Vancouver Police Department has let it’s recognized it not considers hashish a “policing priority” for a number of years now.

“We ask, is a recommendation of criminal charges proportionate to the offense that is being committed?” Const. Brian Montague informed the Straight in 2015. “And a lot of times, the answer to that is no.”

The VPD has stated it as an alternative focuses on sellers promoting arduous medicine similar to cocaine and heroin. More just lately, the pressure has said it’s concentrating police assets on fentanyl, a harmful artificial opioid related to greater than 80 % of deadly overdoses throughout B.C. final yr.

Legislation to legalize leisure hashish handed in the House of Commons final June. The nation is scheduled to formally legalize hashish on October 17, 2018.


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