Gene Simmons Discusses His Change of Heart on Weed: ‘Do Your Goddamn Research’

KISS legend Gene Simmons is a well known anti-drugs man, and an general controversial character, who has spoken out towards weed prior to now. So, on a current go to to Invictus MD, a publicly-traded Canadian hashish producer and retailer, we have been stunned to have a star cameo from The Demon himself. Simmons professed that his views on hashish have modified as of late, particularly after becoming a member of Invictus as its Chief Evangelist Officer.

“I was one of those people who said cannabis is the same thing as heroin,” Simmons informed High Times. “But it’s not! We’re told by researchers every single day that there is not only medical value in cannabis, but even miraculous results from cannabis-based products.”

Simmons defined he had gotten into the hashish business for monetary causes at first. However, his involvement quickly led him to comprehend hashish may also help individuals affected by very numerous illnesses. “I’ve even seen very young girls and boys suffering from epilepsy being prescribed cannabis-based products and experiencing almost miraculous recoveries,” he stated, including that these types of issues have been those that had satisfied him there was extra to weed than simply making a living off stoners.

Consequently, Simmons has develop into a vocal proponent of marijuana legalization and an advocate for the necessity of schooling across the matter over the previous few months.

“I, myself, was arrogant about the whole thing; I’m a straight guy who’s never smoked and never been drunk – although I think it’s OK for people to do so. So, for me cannabis was initially a financial play. But now I’m really proud of being associated with something I discovered has great medical potential,” he stated throughout a current interview with Entrepreneur Media.

“People are allowed to smoke cigarettes and governments are continually decreasing the age at which individuals can smoke; they may can help you play Russian roulette together with your goddamn well being and probably die miserably, horribly, painfully, however they gained’t let individuals use hashish.

“Even recreationally, I don’t see the harm for cannabis,” he added, revealing that KISS can be headlining a cannabis-themed music pageant quickly. “I’m OK with people smoking there. Nobody is going to get violent and pick a fight on cannabis,” Simmons stated.

‘When Planets Align’

We had yet one more query for Simmons: How was the transition from being anti-pot to being professional pot?

“Life is what happens to you when the planets align,” Simmons answered contemplatively. “Doesn’t matter what your plans are.

“I never planned on getting into the cannabis world,” he added, unsurprisingly. However, destiny would have it for Gene to satisfy quite a few hashish enterprise execs in someday, after an affiliate of his recommended he contemplate hashish as a monetary alternative.

Since that day, Gene has come to comprehend his relationship with hashish was meant to be.

“Indians knew about it for a long time. Indigenous tribes around the world have been using it too. Whatever helps them survive or makes life more bearable is fine with many people,” he stated. “And, you know, this society that we live in is judgmental… So, the only thing I’m urging everybody to do is, do your goddamn research. That’s all. Let research determine what should or shouldn’t be used.”


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