How Does Medical Marijuana Help Glaucoma Patients?

One of the various makes use of of medical marijuana is its use as a remedy for glaucoma. This optic nerve situation can result in lack of imaginative and prescient or blindness with out medical help. Marijuana has lengthy been hailed for its capacity to scale back eye strain, which causes glaucoma. Here we discover the query: How does medical marijuana assist glaucoma sufferers?

What Is Glaucoma?

First of all, glaucoma is a illness that impacts the optic nerve’s strain. A buildup of fluid inside the eye on account of elevated strain can injury the optic nerve. This can impair imaginative and prescient, or blind utterly.

There are two forms of glaucoma: open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. The first sort is the most typical, and the sluggish of the 2. In the second sort, angle-closure glaucoma, fluid builds up near the iris. This can result in speedy blindness and wishes medical consideration instantly.

An estimated three million Americans stay with glaucoma. The demographics most affected by glaucoma are individuals over 60, particularly African Americans. Anyone with a household historical past of glaucoma ought to search for lack of peripheral imaginative and prescient.

Difficulty seeing objects on the edges of your sight is the primary symptom of open-angle glaucoma. This sort of glaucoma gained’t be painful, so one of the simplest ways to diagnose it’s to observe for sluggish imaginative and prescient deterioration. Contrastingly, angle-closure glaucoma manifests as nausea, blurry imaginative and prescient, and head or eye ache.

Studies Show That Marijuana Can Treat Glaucoma

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Glaucoma Patients?

Marijuana just isn’t a remedy for glaucoma. There is, in truth, no remedy but for this situation; there are solely methods of controlling or stopping its development.

How does medical marijuana assist glaucoma sufferers? The most important strategy to deal with glaucoma is by decreasing the strain on the optic nerve. Though analysis isn’t conclusive on the extent of marijuana’s results on glaucoma, some research present it could possibly scale back internal eye strain.

This analysis goes again to the 1970s. These research confirmed that smoking marijuana might scale back inside eye strain for individuals with glaucoma. The promising nature of those research results in extra analysis. The National Eye Institute discovered that smoking, ingesting, or injecting THC, particularly, did decrease eye strain.

The main disadvantage to their findings is that marijuana solely reduces internal eye strain for a most of 4 hours. To use solely marijuana as a remedy, somebody with glaucoma would wish to ingest THC each few hours, day and night time. The inconvenient nature of marijuana remedy for glaucoma signifies that it may’t be the only remedy for somebody with glaucoma.

To study extra about treating glaucoma, seek the advice of a medical specialist instantly.

Other Research Warns Against Marijuana Use

Some researchers discovered that decreasing blood movement to the optic nerve contributes to glaucoma. Since marijuana does scale back blood strain, it might result in much less blood movement. Some medical specialists say that this negates the constructive results marijuana has on optic nerve strain.

How Would You Use Medical Marijuana For Glaucoma?

How does medical marijuana assist glaucoma sufferers? Some recommend utilizing medical marijuana together with different remedies, however others warning towards it. Furthermore, in case you’re interested by utilizing medical marijuana for eye strain, search for strains with a excessive focus of the cannabinoid CBG. CBD can be an necessary element in treating glaucoma.

Marijuana Doctors recommends strains Blueberry, Maui Maui and Cherry Kola for internal eye strain remedy.

Marijuana Can Treat Other Side Effects of Glaucoma

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Glaucoma Patients?

Though the onset of glaucoma is usually sluggish and pain-free this situation typically has debilitating side-effects afterward. The commonest negative effects are nausea, vomiting and nervousness. Cannabis is usually a nice remedy for all three of those circumstances.

People have lengthy hailed marijuana as a terrific nausea suppressant. In remedies that always induce nausea, like chemo-therapy and HIV/AIDS medicine, many sufferers report that marijuana can restrict their signs. Therefore, 25 % of most cancers sufferers use marijuana whereas over 1 / 4 of individuals with HIV/AIDS use marijuana.

Though several types of marijuana can have an effect on individuals in numerous methods, marijuana could be a nice remedy for nervousness, too. Glaucoma, a persistent situation requiring fixed consideration, typically results in nervousness. A report present that CBD can scale back nervousness.

Final Hit: How Does Medical Marijuana Help Glaucoma Patients?

As with many circumstances probably handled with medical marijuana, glaucoma analysis is inconclusive. When asking, how does medical marijuana assist glaucoma sufferers, one should reckon with marijuana’s comparatively lengthy historical past as a further remedy for glaucoma, and the potential hazard of decreasing blood strain.

Whether or not you select to deal with glaucoma with the assistance of medical marijuana to scale back nervousness, nausea or the illness’s development, speak to a medical skilled and do your analysis earlier than selecting a pressure.


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