How Much Does Cannabis Cost?

How a lot does hashish value? Well, the marijuana market modifications month-to-month, which is why High Times all the time brings you its month-to-month THMQ. Take a take a look at December 2017’s present pot costs.

Market Analysis: The worth of pot continues to say no nationwide. The Southern Index skilled the most important drop, down $7 from its earlier month’s common—a results of the area’s excessive pricing, which jumped from significantly above to properly under the typical. While the Western Index held regular, the Eastern Index was down from its November common. Overall, the typical ounce of hashish in America for 2017 value $330.

Current US Price Index: $320 (final month: $324, Year-to-Date: $330)
Current Eastern Price Index: $345 (final month: $349, YTD: $352)
Current Southern Price Index: $358 (final month: $365, YTD: $363)
Current Western Price Index: $258 (final month: $258, YTD: $263)

The prime 5 strains (with common worth) have been: Blueberry ($244), Kush ($318), Headband ($298), Diesel ($240) and White Widow ($387).

Trans High Market Quotations: How Much Does Cannabis Cost?

How Much Does Cannabis Cost?


(The Wow) “A superior tasting product that was properly cured.” —Albuquerque, NM
(J-1) “Great flower and a wonderful medicine.” —Chino Valley, AZ
(Blucifer) “Best quality in the state!” —Belfast, ME
(Skywalker OG) “Very expensive but excellent quality.” —Hoboken, NJ

How Much Does Cannabis Cost?

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