How Sharmila Clee Got Off Valium With Plant-Assisted Therapy

After drug use brought about Sharmila Clee’s mother and father to lose custody of her and her siblings in 1998, Clee stated she was squarely towards something associated to medicine or alcohol, together with hashish.

“An anti-drug and alcohol mantra became my identity for years,” she stated.

Once her mother and father and prolonged organic household’s rights have been terminated, Clee and her siblings have been put up for adoption. She and her sister have been separated from their particular wants brother, who wanted prolonged care.

“It was difficult finding a home willing to take in three children with a history of trauma,” Clee shared. “My experience started my passion to become the best social worker in the world, and help other children like us.”

Her brother was ultimately returned to her organic mother and father; Clee began experiencing panic assaults quickly after.

“I was barely managing, receiving calls in the middle of the night from my brother, with reports of our dad drunk and violent,” she recalled. “I was three hours away at college and felt powerless, but it propelled me to move forward with vengeance and purposes, after witnessing so much social injustice—in the world, then through the eyes of my brother.”

Clee discovered to push down her emotions of panic and nervousness by numbing herself with a Valium behavior that started within the Fall of 2001 whereas at graduate faculty. She was recognized with latent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She remembers it disrupting her research with random visions of her turbulent childhood, but, she says, she managed to tug A’s in all topics.

Her aim of climbing the company ladder was achieved. But she discovered that her new bureaucratic life was not all she had hoped for. She dreaded the monotony of sporting fits, the grueling commute, and her life in a cubicle.

“It was sucking my soul away,” she stated.

“I ran out of Valium during Fourth of July weekend in 2014, when a British, barefoot, hippie friend passed me something called a ‘vape extreme,’” she stated, laughing. “That weekend was the longest time I went without my medication, and eventually my body began to shake with withdrawal symptoms, so my friend convinced me to take a hit of his vape pen, and the shakes stopped.”

Clee started researching hashish as drugs, which ultimately led her to Greener Pastures Recovery in Maine—and its Plant-Assisted Therapy Program for habit restoration.

How Sharmila Clee Got Off Valium With Plant-Assisted Therapy

Greener Pastures

“My personal treatment program has been a slow tapering off of the Valium and Zoloft, by smoking flower, hash oil, ingesting turmeric, relora, moringa, calcium, multi-vitamins, and full spectrum cannabis oil, or FECO,” she defined. “The FECO has probably been the most effective treatment, as it completely changes the overall feeling in my body, with a comforting internal blanket of well-being.”

Clee advised us that not solely is the throbbing bodily ache of withdrawal signs quelled with the robust focus, however the electrical shock-type complications are changed with a sense of consolation. She stated the plant was a Godsend.

“Even with all the steps taken to subside any dangerous symptoms, my body still overheated in front of the fire one evening in my first Benzo-related seizure. Nothing makes the detox symptoms entirely go away, but Greener Pastures, its PAT program, and the space they provide, allows you to take the time to understand how your life has unfolded into addiction, helping you to reevaluate your life, better understand your psyche, history, and allows you to look at the here and now, and be present.”

Clee believes the tradition of in the present day’s society is a breeding floor for emotional detachment, resulting in an sad life and subsequent addictions, both to medicine or an unhealthy way of life.

“Even when we appear to be successful and fulfilled, when we detach from a past filled with turmoil, we have a skewed perception of what happiness looks like,” she stated. “Then next thing you know, you are making six figures, cheating on your spouse with a co-worker who is as emotionally unavailable as you are—but, hey, you have 50 thousand Instagram followers, so what’s the problem?”

Clee stated she’s nonetheless a piece in progress. She was disheartened to find that youngsters in America’s foster care system are prescribed anti-anxiety drugs at an alarming price. Researchers even admit that a therapeutic dose typically results in dependency or habit points later in life.

“When you hand a bottle of Xanax to a teenager, it’s a potential death risk,” she stated. “I’m not saying just give every kid cannabis, but pharmaceuticals are not the answer. We do know that every human body has an endocannabinoid system that accepts the healing properties of cannabis and other beneficial plants into all the systems in our bodies for health and mental well-being.”

“It’s time to start making moves in that direction.”


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