How to Build a Gingerbread Bong in a Few Simple Steps!

Well, we’re formally in the midst of vacation season. And in case you’re in a nerve-racking whirlwind of discovering the right presents for all of your family members, let’s take a break and have some enjoyable — that’s what the holidaze are about anyhow, proper?

We at love stepping up to the problem of turning something into a bong — and we imply something. So this yr, we’re going to rework the historically harmless gingerbread homes of our youth into a pot-smoking chimney of daaaank.

The gingerbread pipe has been achieved earlier than, however we’re going to take this to the subsequent degree and truly work out how to percolate some water in this scrumptious domicile.

This goes to be the most effective lit-mas but 😉

What You Need:

  • 1 (…or 2 or three) Gingerbread home kits — full with tray, frosting, gingerbread, and adorning candies.
  • 1 Downstem (ideally 5-6 inches lengthy)
  • 1 Wide-mouth shot glass (or comparable vessel to maintain water)
  • Dampened paper towel
  • Sharp knife or skewer
  • Straw or equal mouthpiece
  • Dank weed

Step 1:

Find a downstem and water vessel that matches the inner-workings of the home. I used a 6-inch downstem with a squat shot glass for the bottom. Anything you will discover to maintain some water and provides sufficient room for the downstem to percolate will work.

See that Gingerbread Man’s smile? He is aware of what’s coming.

P.S. You can simply make this a dry pipe by omitting the water

Step 2:

We’re going to want to minimize/drill a gap by way of the roof of the gingerbread home giant sufficient for the downstem to slide by way of and match snugly. Worried that taking a sharp knife to this dry-as-cardboard gingerbread would snap all the piece in half, I tore a small piece of moist paper towel and positioned it immediately over the spot I needed to minimize the opening. After about four minutes of dampened paper towel on all sides, the gingerbread was a lot simpler to work with. You can place the paper towel on each side of the roof for moisture and transfer onto the subsequent steps.

Step three:

Generously line the bottom of the offered tray or constructing floor of your selection with frosting after which add your first wall.

Did you discover our Gingerbread pal discovered some tree? 😉

Step four:

Place your second wall firmly on the frosting basis and line each ends with frosting (it actually helps to have three or 4 arms for this process).

Don’t overlook to ensure your downstem matches inside the home earlier than you shut it up!

Step 5:

Now it’s time for the trickiest a part of the entire course of (which isn’t even that tough, you simply have to be delicate). Gently place the tip of your knife onto the dampened spot of gingerbread. Swivel it round, like a drill, to progressively reduce a gap. Once you’re by way of to the opposite aspect, hold checking the dimensions of the opening together with your downstem to make sure you’ll get a comfortable match.

Step 6:

Alright, it’s time to assemble! Once that downstem is in good and comfortable, line the roof of the home with frosting. Align the downstem together with your shot glass of water, you might want to make some changes to the shot glass — I had to put a focus container beneath the shot glass to increase it a bit. Once it’s aligned, seal that child up!

Step 7:

Repeat the Step 5 course of with the knife, solely slicing a a lot smaller gap this time. This aspect shall be the place we draw smoke out, so you need to use something you discover to make a snug mouthpiece. I determined to use a straw that labored fairly properly, however a small glass tube can be perfect. Also, for those who use a longer stem — like a straw — make sure to place it outdoors the water in your new home.

Step eight:

Final step is to seal ‘er up! Don’t be shy with that frosting, fill in any cracks to guarantee your home is hermetic. Don’t overlook to seal the downstem and mouthpiece.

Step 9:

Now for the most effective half — place your bowl and fill the chimney with some hearth. Chug away and inhale that candy, vacation spirit!



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