How to Throw the Dopest Weed-Infused Hanukkah

December is quickly approaching, bringing the vacation season in full swing. There are a ton of holidays and festivals being celebrated. Depending in your cultural and non secular background, you may have fun Yule, the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas—the record goes on. Hanukkah begins on Dec. 2, and for a lot of, that is the first yr hashish can legally be included into the festivities. But what would this appear to be, past getting lit throughout the Festival of Lights?

If you’re internet hosting Hanukkah this yr, listed here are some concepts to make your celebration cannabis-inclusive. L’Chaim!

Hanukkah isn’t “Jewish Christmas”

If you’re not accustomed to Hanukkah or its origins, right here’s the SparkNotes model:

Hanukkah, typically spelled Chanukah and also called the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day vacation commemorating the victory of the Jewish preventing pressure, the Maccabees, over Syrian-Greek occupation. Under menace of demise, the oppressors waged a marketing campaign to convert the Jews in the land to the Hellenistic tradition and faith. This marketing campaign included the desecration of the Jewish temple. When the Maccabees defeated their enemy, they went again to the temple and relit the Eternal Light, which, as its identify suggests, by no means will get extinguished. But there was an issue: just one tiny jar of oil might be recovered from the rubble. The Maccabees lit it anyway and, lo and behold, the oil lasted for eight days.

Here’s the stoner equal: the authorities raid your area and confiscate all your weed. You uncover that they missed one, half-empty vape cartridge with solely sufficient THC oil for one sesh. But then the cart retains going for eight, lovely, stoney periods.

Hanukkah is historically celebrated with candle-lighting rituals, cooking meals fried in oil, enjoying video games, and, in fact, spending time with your loved ones and associates.

How to Throw the Dopest Weed-Infused Hanukkah


Throwing a Chronica Marijuanukah

We caught up with our good friend Catherine Goldberg, who’s internet hosting a 420-friendly Hanukkah celebration subsequent week, dubbed “Marijuanukah.”

“I really wanted to host a weed-themed Chanukah this year,” she tells High Times. “Coincidently, the America Israel Cannabis Association came to me and said they wanted to build their community in Los Angeles. Adam Sandler came up with the name [Marijuanukah],” she says with amusing.

Catherine, who works in the hashish business in Los Angeles, has a historical past of mixing Jewish holidays with weed.

“Last year, my company WeedBarLA partnered with [the organization] Le’Or to create a Cannabis Passover Seder,” she says. “They wrote their own Haggadah that focused on the War on Drugs. Instead of drinking four cups of wine we smoked four joints throughout the seder. I’ve [also] been hosting Pot Shabbat and Chai Havdalah for the past year in LA.”

So what’s the secret to throwing a lit social gathering that celebrates each Hanukkah and hashish? You can begin by taking conventional parts of Hanukkah and placing a 420 twist on them:

How to Throw the Dopest Weed-Infused Hanukkah


Dreidel Game

A dreidel is a four-sided spinning prime with totally different letters written on both sides: Nun, Gimel, Hey, and Shin. It’s utilized in a recreation historically performed on Hanukkah, notably amongst youngsters. But since hashish brings out the child in us all, it’s solely becoming to adapt the recreation.

Each participant begins with an equal variety of recreation items (often one thing small, like items of chocolate, Hanukkah gelt, or matches). At the begin of the recreation, every participant places one recreation piece into the middle “pot.” Then, the gamers take turns spinning the dreidel. If it lands on Shin, the participant places a recreation piece in; if it lands on Hey, the participant takes half the pot; for Nun, the participant neither places in nor takes something from the pot; and if the dreidel lands on Gimel, the participant wins the whole lot in the pot.

Simple, sufficient, proper?

If you need to make the dreidel recreation extra fascinating, use edibles, pre-rolls, and even unfastened nugs for the recreation items. You also can implement your personal guidelines. For occasion, if the dreidel lands on Gimel, the participant should absolutely clear a big bong earlier than claiming their prize. If they will’t do it, the recreation continues.

How to Throw the Dopest Weed-Infused Hanukkah


Lit Latkes?

Traditional meals eaten throughout Hanukkah are fried in oil, most notably latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts). Making cannabis-infused variations of those meals is comparatively straightforward when you have canna-oil. But do you have to?

“The biggest mistake people make with weed events is only offering medicated food which can go downhill really fast,” Catherine says. “For a successful 420-friendly Hanukkah party, you’re going to want to have non-infused snacks and lots of water. If you do want to serve edibles keep them microdosed. Maybe 1-2mg of THC so your guest can eat and not worry.”

Get Creative with the Smokables

Are you artistically inclined and useful with a pack of rolling papers? If so, attempt your hand at rolling a joint formed like a menorah! But if arts and crafts isn’t your factor and you continue to need to smoke out of one thing festive, don’t fear. You can truly purchase a bong formed like a menorah.

Marijuanukah 2018

If you’re not considering internet hosting your personal get together, you’ll be able to all the time go to Catherine’s Marijuanukah celebration on Saturday, Dec. eight, for those who reside in Los Angeles. It’s free to attend, however beneficial that you simply make a donation to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society at the door.

“Everyone is welcome,” she says. “As long as you love Jewish food and weed, you’ll feel at home.”


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