‘How Would Jesus Vote?’ asks Pro-Marijuana Group in Oklahoma

A professional-cannabis group is asking Oklahomans to think about how Jesus would vote for the state’s medical marijuana initiative once they forged their poll. Voters will determine the destiny of State Question 788 (SQ 788) in right now’s statewide election. If handed, it’s going to permit sufferers to make use of medicinal hashish and create a authorized provide chain for the state.

The group campaigning for the measure, Yes on 788, is utilizing Bible verses to help its trigger. Yes on 788 launched a marketing campaign flyer that requested: “How would Jesus Vote?” The marketing campaign launch additionally quoted two scripture passages to help the group’s argument for legalization. The first biblical citation is from Genesis 1:29.

“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food,” the flyer reads.

The second verse cited by Yes on 788 is from Exodus 20:16—”You shall not bear false witness towards your neighbor.” That passage was alongside an image of U.S. Senator James Lankford, who opposes the initiative.

Lankford, a former Baptist pastor, referred to as the interpretation of the Bible “bizarre” and “ironic,” in response to native media.

“That is certainly not the intent of Genesis Chapter 1,” he stated. “For someone to say Christians should believe marijuana should be good because the Bible says all plants are good is a big stretch from it.”

Lankford additionally stated that he took offense to Yes on 788 bringing his religion into the dialogue over the initiative.

“They have one vote. I have one vote,” he stated. “But I think I should be able to speak out on those issues without being personally attacked, especially for an issue of my faith.”

However, solely weeks in the past, Lankford joined the group Oklahoma Faith Leaders to oppose Question 788. Lankford and the conservative spiritual group stated medical marijuana can be “harmful to the social fabric of Oklahoma.”

“No one will convince me that our families will be better if only more parents and grandparents smoke more marijuana,” Lankford stated.

Lankford has stated that believes SQ 788 is definitely a ploy to convey leisure marijuana to Oklahoma and never a honest effort to permit sufferers entry to medicinal hashish.

Voters Answering Question 788 Today

Oklahomans are voting on SQ 788 on the statewide election in the present day. The measure certified for the poll after the group Oklahomans for Health collected almost 66,000 signatures in 2016. If the initiative passes, it might legalize the possession, use, and manufacturing of hashish for medicinal functions.

Patients wishing to make use of medical marijuana would wish a suggestion from a physician and a state-issued license. Licenses for sufferers would value $100, though some would qualify for a lowered payment of $25. Licenses must be renewed each two years. Licensed sufferers might legally possess as much as three ounces of hashish on their individual and eight ounces at house. Patients would even be allowed to domesticate hashish crops at residence.

SQ 788 would additionally create a regulated provide chain for medicinal hashish. Oklahoma residents might then apply for a license to develop or course of marijuana or to function a dispensary. Applicants for a enterprise license would pay a charge of $2,500.


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