Idiot’s Guide to Joint Rolling: The Cannon Method

My favourite means to take pleasure in weed is conventional: smoking joints.

It’s easy, communal, and often, another person has already rolled it. Whether it’s a preroll or rolled by hand, joints have all the time been my most popular technique of consumption (i.e., my jam)

While rolling a joint isn’t precisely rocket science, it may well show to be tough for some — unattainable for others. If you’ve got massive, clumsy fingers, or simply don’t understand how, rolling joints is usually a huge supply of hysteria. No one likes the one that by no means rolls, however nobody likes joints that come out unfastened, burn too quick, or look ugly, both. Rolling a nasty joint is embarrassing.

Before you swear off weed/socializing, check out our Five-Step Cannon Method to rolling (aka packing) a joint. While this technique requires extra instruments (see under) and steps than different strategies, it’s a comparatively easy and manageable strategy to producing a handsome, long-lasting joint.


  • Rolling Paper
  • Filter Paper
  • Piece of Notebook Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Grinder
  • ½ to 1 gram of Weed
  • Chopstick (non-compulsory)

Step 1: Grinding

First issues first: we’d like to break up that bud. You can break down your weed any variety of methods, however utilizing a grinder is the simplest and handiest. Your weed will break down finer and extra constant. The finer the weed is damaged down the better will probably be to pack later and the slower your joint will burn (we like slow-burning joints).

Step 2: Folding

A very good filter is important to rolling an excellent joint for a number of causes: a filter prevents you from burning your lips, retains the joint from getting too scorching, permits you to smoke the joint in its entirety, and retains the weed within the joint and out of your mouth.


Carefully start to fold your filter paper in a zigzag formation. When you get midway, the filter will appear to be an accordion; roll the remaining paper across the accordion half to safe. Make positive the filter isn’t rolled too tight. We need it to have the opportunity to increase a bit.

Step three: Shaping

We’re now going to form our joint. If you’re utilizing a pen or pencil you’ll be rolling a straight joint. If you’re utilizing a chopstick you’ll be rolling a cone. Carefully wrap your rolling paper round your pen/pencil or chopstick and seal it with saliva.


Now put your filter in by way of the large, open finish of the joint. Use your pencil/pen or chopstick to push it right through till it reaches the other, tighter finish of the joint. Our filter ought to increase, becoming comfortable within the filter finish of the joint whereas the opposite finish of the joint stays open. Great! We’ve “rolled” the form of our joint and it’s wanting fairly cute.

Step four: Packing

Now we’re going to pack the weed. Take your single sheet of pocket book paper and fold it in half to give ourselves a pleasant, outlined crease proper down the center of the paper. Make a V form with the paper and punctiliously place your damaged down weed within the crease. Spread out the weed evenly.


Take your cone and gently scoop your weed into the open finish. It’s necessary to ensure your first scoop is packed tight, in any other case your joint shall be limp. No one needs a limp joint.


Use your pencil/pen or chopstick to pack the weed tight towards the filter. Continue to scoop your weed into the joint till it’s utterly packed. This is why it’s referred to as the “Cannon Method,” as a result of it’s like we’re packing a cannon. Repeat utilizing your pencil/pen or chopstick to push your weed down and make the joint tight.

Step 5: Twisting

OK, so our weed is all packed and searching cute as hell. Let’s wrap it up and get smoking, proper? Twist the unfastened, open finish of the joint tight.


When you’ve twisted as tight because it’ll go, rigorously push the outer edges in, making a crater on the finish. This will make it simpler to mild and can burn extra effectively. It may even maintain the joint from turning into unfastened when you’re saving it for later.

Step 6: Enjoying


Photos courtesy of Weedmaps

You’re executed! Take your joint rolling expertise to a celebration and walk-in like. There is not any higher feeling on the earth than rolling up with the right joint. So, mild up, sit again, and get down with the joint you simply “rolled.”

“Let’s stay up late and smoke a J.” – Rihanna, real-life human-goddess

Amen, RiRi. Amen.


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