Medical Marijuana Reverses Tobacco Caused Ischemia

I don’t assume I’m making a controversial assertion right here by saying that weed might be safer than tobacco. Sure, we’re nonetheless producing minor carcinogens when combusting hashish—however with out all the gross components in cigarettes.

Aside from the large one (most cancers), smoking cigarettes may cause an entire plethora of different issues, one being Thromboangiitis obliterans (TO), a illness that shows itself because the clotting of capillary blood vessels within the arteries/veins of our digits (fingers and toes) from irritation of surrounding tissue. A case research out of Israel discovered that in depth use of hashish reversed the consequences of TO.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how hashish could also be doing this, let’s shortly go over a number of the medical phrases we can be seeing. Though the affected person exhibited indicators of Buerger illness (one other identify for TO), it was discovered due to what known as ischemia.

Ischemia is actually the dying of tissue (pores and skin/muscle)  on account of lack of vitamins (i.e. glucose, oxygen, and so on.) from poor blood circulation. This lack of blood movement was brought on by the clotting from T.O. The illness is a direct results of tobacco use, whether or not it’s smoking or chewing. While the mechanism by which tobacco produces these signs is unknown, the one individuals who have Buerger’s illness smoke tobacco. Interestingly, it seems as if males have a larger probability of buying Buerger’s illness, although this could possibly be attributed to a better price of tobacco utilization with males.

OK, let’s now get into the story. How did the physician know to prescribe hashish, particularly when this relationship between medical marijuana and TO had by no means earlier than been checked out earlier than? The fact of the matter is that the physician didn’t initially prescribe pot.

The affected person, who we’ll confer with as Bob, was a heavy smoker, almost 2.5 packs of cigarettes per day. Bob got here into the hospital with extreme ache in his foot; he had an enormous an infection and ischemia as a consequence of T.O. It had progressed so dangerous that Dr. Robinson beneficial an amputation under the knee. Bob refused and opted to self-medicate with marijuana, twice every day. After the primary six months, his ache had lowered, and it continued to scale back for the subsequent two and a half years. During this time, he additionally reduce on his cigarette smoking.

With the primary six months down, Dr. Robinson was capable of prescribe Bob medical hashish within the type of what’s referred to as MCT (medical hashish remedy), and Bob’s MCT dosage steadily elevated over the course of some years. After three years of MCT, and antibiotics for the preliminary an infection, Bob’s ischemia had virtually utterly reversed—leaving minimal scarring.

Dr. Robinson attributed the hashish’ motion to the anti-inflammatory results of CBD, progressively returning blood circulate to the ischemic limbs. He did observe, nevertheless, that this can be a case research, and no statistical significance could be attributed to hashish’ results on ischemic-reversal till additional analysis is completed. Until then, I feel this can be a lovely research additional displaying the potential for hashish in trendy drugs and society!


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