Mexico’s March Toward Legalization is Thanks in Part to its Northern Neighbors

Mexico is a spot the place you’ll find something. It might take some searching, however ultimately you’ll discover it. Such is the case with good weed and high quality hemp merchandise, a big portion of that are imported, each legally and illegally from the United States and Canada.

Soon, the nation could also be given the go forward to produce its personal authorized marijuana for private use. Scientists at the moment are on the aspect of medicinal marijuana. And earlier this yr, Mexican Secretary of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid advised that legalizing pot would assist scale back crime in a rustic battling its worst murder charges in years.

Mexico’s stance on medical marijuana has been murky for a minimum of a decade, when the federal government decriminalized “small amounts” of the substance for private use in 2009. In 2015, Mexico’s Supreme Court dominated that it was authorized to develop “mota” for private use, although the ruling solely pertained to 4 plaintiffs in a case relating to its medicinal use for youngsters affected by epilepsy, and Mexican residents as an entire haven’t but been given the inexperienced mild to develop.

In 2016, it was dominated authorized to import CBD oil to Mexico. The majority of it comes from the US.

An Essential Activist

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Julio Zenil, editorial board member for Cáñamo (hashish) Magazine, organizer for Mexico’s annual Million Marijuana March and producer of ExpoWeed, has been on the forefront of marijuana activism for years.

“It’s not just about stoners wanting to get high,” Zenil stated. “It’s about compassion and realizing that cannabis can change people’s lives.”

Zenil traveled to Europe in 2000 the place he made a documentary movie on marijuana laws in the area, in hopes of teaching the Mexican public and serving to to disassociate a cultural notion of marijuana customers as drug addicts or, in common, “bad hombres.”

The activism helped in phrases of schooling. When Mexico City’s annual Million Marijuana March started in 2000, it attracted a number of individuals. But it’s since gained hundreds.

But the most important turning level in how marijuana was seen in Mexico happened with the case of a younger Mexican woman named Grace who suffered from tons of of epileptic seizures every day. CBD oil not solely lowered the occurrences, however eradicated all of them collectively.

Last yr, the COFEPRIS, primarily Mexico’s FDA, gave some permissions to permit drugs akin to CBD oil to be imported by sure corporations, to be used by personal residents. According to Zenil, although, the plant is nonetheless “taboo”.

In June 2017, COFEPRIS selected new guidelines that may quickly be enacted, together with legal guidelines that permit medical analysis and use of marijuana.

The announcement of the brand new legal guidelines was supposed to happen in the primary three months of 2018, however has been a bit stalled. COFEMER, a Mexican company answerable for selling regulatory reform coverage, is now maintaining a tally of the COFEPRIS timeline, ensuring the method advances.

Tricky Timing

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The state of affairs is a bit delicate as Mexico will elect a brand new president on July 1.

“No candidate wants to take a position on this issue because it has some cost, even if they will allow it or not when they are in charge, they are trying to avoid the issue,” Zenil stated, including that he was knowledgeable by COFEPRIS that the brand new marijuana laws might be revealed by November, when the brand new president takes workplace.

Colombia is an instance of a rustic with a traumatic previous associated to medicine, that has now began to reap the benefits of its rising circumstances. Mexico ought to be no totally different, Zenil stated.

“Maybe there are some groups that don’t let us take advantage of our conditions,” he stated. “Even though the quality and availability of marijuana in the US has improved, there is still some high quality marijuana being sold to the states illegally. Why should we be fighting and killing each other in Mexico if you can buy it legally in San Diego? Plus there are a lot of gringos in Mexico who have brought their culture with them, and they don’t like to smoke cheap weed.”

According to the brand new legal guidelines, it is going to be attainable to domesticate medical marijuana in authorized hashish fields, Zenil stated. “There will be protocols to be fulfilled whether you’re applying for permits as an individual or a company, with favor given to big companies and pharmaceutical companies.”

In the meantime, CBD oil from the US and Canada is being imported legally in many situations, and bought at excessive costs. Though there are many Mexican-made CBD merchandise and top quality herb available on the market, and there are teams who’re educating individuals about extraction strategies in order to make selfmade oils for private use. Zenil has a principle that some CBD oils bought in the US as “American made” are literally produced in Mexico, profiting from the decrease labor value.

Things are Changing

Megan Frye

Leopoldo Rivera, editor in chief of Cáñamo – which originated in Spain and is now co-produced with Colombia, Mexico, Spain and soon-to-join Uruguay, says he’s seen Mexico’s view towards medicinal marijuana change quite a bit even in the previous 4 years.

Securing a license to publish a magazine based mostly on using hashish was troublesome in Mexico, due to the truth that the printed product is topic to assessment by a authorities censorship board referred to as the Comisión Calificadora de Publicaciones y Revistas Ilustradas (The Qualifying Commission of Illustrated Publications and Magazines).

“The Commission determined that the magazine was not legal because it was against the morals and customs of decent Mexican standards,” Rivera stated. “Marijuana has always been seen in a negative way by the Mexican media, however everybody has a pothead in the family and knows they’re a normal person.”

The Cáñamo staff took the difficulty to courtroom and ultimately earned approval to print, however Rivera sees the way forward for Cáñamo advancing in the digital world – at the least in Mexico – in half to scale back its carbon footprint.

And as for the ganja? It’s anticipated that medicinal marijuana shall be out there in pharmacies, holistic well being shops and by particular person distributors, with out want for a prescription.

“When it comes to medicine in Mexico, there are about 11 categories, going from controlled medication that requires a prescription, all the way to herbal supplements and vitamins that can be purchased by anyone,” Rivera stated, including that COFEPRIS will evaluation shops that promote marijuana merchandise, and people shops could have to apply for permits.

The regulation says that folks shall be in a position to produce marijuana for scientific and medicinal functions, Rivera stated. “We have no reason to import something that we can produce here. We have the land, the people, the climate. We have everything to do it ourselves.”

A Grower’s Market


Currently, imported and nationally produced CBD merchandise and high quality Mexican marijuana value about what they might value in the United States. But Rivera imagines that with time, the costs will scale back as soon as merchandise are created in Mexico and the the laws are relaxed, including that “people want to do this legally.”

“We as a movement will always seek that all citizens have the right to grow,” Rivera stated, including that they consider schooling is key to Mexico’s new relationship with marijuana, because it is with alcohol. “The long-term objective is free, universal and responsible access to marijuana. That you can grow it, or you can buy it. We refrain from using the term ‘recreational’ because that does not reflect all of the uses. For as many people as exist in this country, there are uses for marijuana.”

Rivera provides that violence is a byproduct of marijuana’s clandestine nature on each side of the border.

“Everyday right here in Mexico there are people who find themselves profiled and looked for medicine, and typically they’re detained for days. It’s a every day violence towards particular person rights. It’s violence towards the sufferers that want marijuana as their remedy. Then there’s the query of mafias. Marijuana is not their principal market anymore. I take a look at the legalization of marijuana like I take a look at condoms: they don’t cease AIDS from present or remedy it, however they will cease it from spreading. At least, this cash wouldn’t find yourself in the arms of organized crime.

“For every person who is able to grow their own marijuana, that contributes to reconstructing our social fabric.”


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