Ontario's Slow Rollout of Weed Stores Could Help the Black Market Thrive for Longer

Ontario says there’s a scarcity of authorized hashish, however the federal authorities, and regulatory our bodies from different provinces say that’s not true.

Ontario has blamed a scarcity of authorized hashish from the federal authorities for its sluggish rollout of shops, a declare dismissed by the federal authorities and regulatory our bodies from different provinces, elevating prospects the black market for weed might thrive longer in Canada’s most populous province.

Canada turned the first G7 nation to legalize leisure marijuana in October 2018 however gross sales have been dampened by provide constraints and costs which are larger than these on the black market.

While the provinces can set their very own hashish tips, a provincially run distributor purchases the hashish from federally licensed producers, after which allocates it to retail places permitted by the province.

– Read the whole article at Financial Post.


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