Plant Containers: Traditional Pots Vs. Grow Bags

Trying to determine what sort of container to make use of on your crops and medium? Well, you’re in luck! High Times Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido solutions all your develop questions in his weekly Nico’s Nuggets column, and at present’s piece is all about conventional pots vs. develop luggage.

The Question: Do You Recommend Traditonal Pots Or Grow Bags?

Dear Nico,

Thanks to you and High Times for years of nice develop recommendation! Quick query on plant containers—do you advocate utilizing conventional pots or develop luggage to carry crops and medium? I do know there are benefits to every sort, however I’m leaning in the direction of bag tradition. Any ideas are appreciated and sustain the great work!

— Joel T. by way of the mailbag at

The Answer: The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Grow Bags

Howdy Joel,

Thanks for studying and writing into the mailbag with a query.

Plant Containers: Traditional Pots Vs. Grow Bags

Fabric pots are a best choice of growers, providing breathability and nice drainage.

First, let’s clarify to our readers a bit bit about bag tradition. Bag tradition may be outlined merely as rising a plant out of a bag, the identical method one would make the most of a plant container or a pot. But bag tradition can be outlined as a way for extending or increasing the quantity of media obtainable to a plant’s root construction. In the latter state of affairs, an already-potted plant can be positioned inside or on prime of a bag crammed with new develop media. The unique pot would have holes within the backside or a number of slits made in it in order that the roots can develop down and out of the container into the prolonged medium of the bag. Because of those points, container luggage are a most popular technique for a lot of greenhouse and indoor growers trying to broaden root zone quantity.

However, whereas bag tradition could be an add-on on this means, this isn’t the one use for develop luggage. Grow luggage might be your preliminary, stand-alone container for particular person crops or for a number of plant websites inside a backyard or hydroponic system.

There are many benefits of utilizing luggage as containers, together with the truth that they’re usually cheaper than pots—to the extent that they are often disposable with little financial loss—although, they then have to get replaced, slightly than being reused or recycled like pots might be.

Perhaps the most important benefit, nevertheless, comes with material develop luggage, that are extra sturdy than plastic luggage and far more breathable than plastic containers or luggage. This is an particularly essential consideration as many new growers underestimate the significance of getting air—particularly, oxygen—to the basis zone. While the inexperienced elements of the crops (above floor) breath in CO2, roots truly breath O2, which is integral to their progress and improvement. It is for this main benefit that many business growers selected material develop luggage, as the dimensions of the basis construction is instantly proportional to the yield of the plant.

Plant Containers: Traditional Pots Vs. Grow Bags

Plastic luggage are an affordable and disposable choice.

All of that being stated, develop luggage have a number of drawbacks.

Sometimes drainage is lower than superb and extra holes have to be made on the backside of the luggage to assist in drainage. Additionally, develop luggage is probably not as sturdy as pots, missing the structural power that different extra strong containers can present. This might be very true in heavy rain outdoor or in heavy-flow hydro methods. The bigger luggage may also be far more troublesome to maneuver due to the shortage of durability and the weaker material handles are susceptible to ripping with luggage over 20 gallons. (Note: Fabric develop luggage are available quite a lot of sizes starting from 1-gallon to 200+ gallon luggage for outside use.)

Plant Containers: Traditional Pots Vs. Grow Bags

Huge material containers like this will develop giant outside timber above floor.

Overall, for indoor desk methods that require much less mobility, material luggage present a superb choice for growers. The similar might be stated for large-scale outside operations the place crops are grown to tree-size and can stay in a everlasting location. But for techniques which are high-impact or require frequent plant motion, sturdier containers may be the higher choice.


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