Police Say Stolen Cars Are Traded For Fentanyl Lollipops

When it involves the savage psychosis of the drug-addicted thoughts, there’s nothing standing in the best way of an addict getting their palms on their drug of selection. Just ask previous Jim down on the U-Pawn-It in Anytown, USA. He’ll inform you that his enterprise has nothing to do promoting hipsters classic guitars and barber gear. It’s actually all about placing a couple of bucks into the pockets of twitchy derelicts to maintain simply sufficient dope of their methods to stop them from burning the town to the bottom. It is because of this that one Kansas police drive is urging residents to not heat up their automobiles this winter earlier than heading out to their respective locations. Because in the event that they do, their rides may simply find yourself getting traded for “fentanyl lollipops.”

A Warning From The Police

Recently, the Lawrence Police Department took to its Twitter account to warn local residents about the potential for their automobiles being stolen and exchanged for unlawful medicine. The publish, which was meant in good humor, included a pledge type asking automotive house owners to dedicate themselves this yr to easily scraping off their icy windshields and coping with the winter chill, quite than danger placing their wheels within the arms of junkies with sticky fingers.

“I pledge to not leave my car running with the keys in the ignition just because I’m afraid of being a little cold for the first 3 minutes of my drive to work/school, or because I am too lazy to scrape the windows. I realize that breaking this pledge will undoubtedly result in my car being stolen by some jackwagon who will trade it for a fentanyl lollipop.”

In greater than 30 states all throughout the nation, the entire “car warming” follow is against the law. In Kansas, leaving a automotive operating unattended within the driveway is a citable offense in sure cities, together with Lawrence. The solely exception is when the car is provided with an automated starter. Strangely, this solely applies if the keys will not be within the ignition.

There are almost 7,000 auto thefts annually in Kansas. The majority of the automobiles snatched up are extraordinarily widespread fashions. Thieves appear to be a fan of the Honda Accord, full-size Chevy pick-ups, and Ford vans, in response to the newest knowledge from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Final Hit: Police Say Stolen Cars Are Traded For Fentanyl Lollipops

The Lawrence Police Department later took some warmth as a result of their publish. The web trolls got here out in full swing to chastise the pressure for suggesting that everybody who makes use of fentanyl lollipops was a automotive thief. Fentanyl lollipops, which have been invented by a person named Ted Stanley, have been designed to be a extra palatable technique of consumption for most cancers sufferers. This type of the drug, thought-about a breakthrough within the medical group, has reportedly been a scorching goal in pharmacy robberies.

Officials with the Lawrence Police tried to clear up the confusion surrounding this matter with one other Twitter publish, providing an apology to anybody who was offended.

“It’s about people who thieve to sustain a drug habit, not people with legitimate medical needs. Sorry for not being clearer and for unintentionally offending,” the pressure stated.


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