Product Review: Magical Butter

When I used my Magical Butter this was my second time making butter, the primary time I used the range prime technique. One of the issues I’ve heard from individuals and one thing the Magical Butter has you do is decarboxylate your hashish earlier than you make butter with it. Decarbing is the method of including warmth to your hashish to transform THCA (non psychoactive) into THC (psychoactive). (Reasons to decarboxylate)

To decarboxylate you’ll preheat your oven to 200 – 240 levels  and place your herb in a baking dish. Place on the middle rack and bake for 30 minutes or till your buds are golden brown. Once I let my freshly decarbed hashish cool off I used to be able to make some butter!

Thanks to the Magical Butter the method of butter making is fairly straightforward, like a crock pot you place all of your elements inside, set the timer and stroll away. For the butter all you want is 2-5 cups of clarified butter (fancy approach of claiming melted) and about 14 grams of hashish, place all of your components into the machine and press the temperature button, choose 160 and the two Hours Butter button. Once the cycle is full ensure you unplug the unit and take away the top of the equipment, put in your Love Glove (silicone glove that’s included) and pout the pitcher contents by way of your PurifyFilter into your container of selection or into shaped molds.

The directions want so that you can use full buds as an alternative of floor materials, which I did, however unsure what the distinction in high quality can be. They additionally advocate utilizing Lecithin a product that’s used for binding elements in lipids that helps improve the bioavailability of plant compounds in high-lipid infusions to accentuate the efficiency of the extracts. I didn’t use Lecithin and my butter got here out positive.

So is making butter simpler with the Magical Butter?

I’d say that’s an enormous YES. While making butter on the range isn’t troublesome, you do should are likely to it, stirring so the buds don’t stick. With the Magical Butter you simply add the components, flip the machine and stroll away. SO SIMPLE. The complete time it took to make the butter was about 2 hrs so think about all of the issues you will get executed in that point. One of the cool issues concerning the machine is the sunshine present you’re handled to whereas it’s cooking.

Another superior factor concerning the Magical Butter is that it cleans itself! All you do is rinse the pitcher and blades, fill the pitcher with water about midway and add dish cleaning soap. Once the lid is safe press the clear button and VOILA! No dishes…large bonus.

The Magical Butter is a flexible machine that eases the ache that may include making butter, oil, or tinctures. While extra skilled customers might not assume they want it, it may be useful for novice customers and individuals who don’t have a range prime and the truth that you possibly can depart it unattended is a large plus.

You can get a Magical Butter straight off their website or head over to Vape World, $174.95 at each. You may also decide up silicone molds, cooking utensils and additional gloves or filters of their equipment part.

I’m excited to maintain utilizing my Magical Butter, I’m going to have enjoyable making tasty treats and rubs utilizing their tincture, oil and butter recipes.


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