Strain Review: Charlie Sheen

Cannabis shoppers are available many varieties so we’ve included a number of factors of view in our pressure critiques. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London be a part of Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Suzanne from Marketing. Today, they’ll be reviewing Sote Choice Charlie Sheen.

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Monterey Bud

Sote Choice’s Charlie Sheen is on level! Aromatic and potent, these rock-hard byproducts of a ménage à trois between Green Crack, Blue Dream, and OG Kush are pure weedporn. Swollen trichomes and orange pistils protrude from between the tightly packed calyx. Compact, gluey, and marble formed, the Charlie Sheen bud produces a lemon-centric aroma when dissected for consumption.

Bong time for Charlie, as soon as damaged aside and loaded within the bowl, the bud’s terpenes set the house workplace ablaze in fumes of lemon, pine, and citrus. A stoney toke, even for these with an elevated tolerance degree, aid begins within the head and works its approach all through the whole physique inside a matter of minutes. #Winning

Duke London

Sote’s Charlie Sheen pressure couldn’t be extra “earthy.” It’s dense, crystal-covered greens and lengthy autumn-colored pistils have been a morning hike by way of a dew-covered path. Citrus notes have been instantly obvious, although not obnoxious. I hand-grated Charlie for a bit till it was able to be thrown within the grinder, after which I rolled a joint. The finish of the joint was dipped in actual tiger blood — jk jk.

Much just like the pressure’s namesake, Charlie Sheen assaults the senses in an intense method. This is not any snoozer pressure. The excessive is satisfying, although, very head-focused and enjoyable.

Lesley Nickus

Charlie Sheen’s nugs are principally darkish inexperienced with some lime hues all through, however they’ve a thick coating of trichomes, so it’s just a little onerous to inform the distinction between the 2 shades of inexperienced. The bud was dense and had a constant oval form.

I smoked a blunt utilizing a Hello Hemp Cone, which was good as a result of the blunt wrap didn’t add any further flavors and allowed me to style the flower. It was a clean inhale with a considerably perfumy aftertaste. I felt a reasonably heavy head change that lasted about an hour.


What does it seem like? It seems to be prefer it’s coated in trichomes. It has a darker leafy construction and orange hairs.

What does it odor like? Soft pine.

How does it really feel? Easy to interrupt aside. It sticks to my fingers.

How did you smoke it? In a joint.

How does it style? … like a joint?

How do you are feeling? Happy.


Strain evaluations are carried out on strains submitted by cultivators and types for consideration. If you’ve a favourite pressure you’d like us to assessment, share your suggestions within the feedback.


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