Teen Drug Use Has Gone Down Since Colorado Legalized

Remember all these those that stated teenagers would begin doing medicine like loopy if states legalized marijuana? Well, a minimum of in Colorado, it appears like they have been lifeless incorrect. Since Colorado legalized in 2014, the share of teenagers utilizing marijuana has gone from simply over 12 % to about 9 %, in accordance with new federal survey knowledge.

There’s extra. The survey discovered heroin use and alcohol use are additionally down. It seems to be like legalization has had a reasonably good impact within the state general.

“Teen use appears to be dropping now that state and local authorities are overseeing the production and sale of marijuana,” stated Brian Vicente of Vicente Sederberg LLC, one of many drafters of Colorado’s marijuana poll measure, in a press release. “There are serious penalties for selling to minors, and regulated cannabis businesses are being vigilant in checking IDs.”

Marijuana advocate Brian Vicente, who co-authored the poll measure that legalized hashish, stated this exhibits opponents of legalization are flawed in relation to the way it impacts teenagers.

“This is the study that opponents of marijuana legalization quote time and time again: the National Survey on Drug Use and Health,” Vicente informed Westword. “And the fact that now it’s showing a very significant dip is extremely important.”

Vicente believes legitimizing marijuana gross sales makes it much less doubtless teenagers are going to be buying it from a drug vendor, which suggests teen use will go down.

“This is something we talked about on the campaign trail, and it just makes common sense — that if you take marijuana out of the hands of drug dealers and put the sales behind the counter, where it’s sold by regulated employees under camera, they’re just much more likely to ask for I.D.,” Vicente stated. “What Colorado has effectively led the world in is taking marijuana sales off the streets and out of the hands of drug dealers and has them take place behind the counter, similar to alcohol sales.”

Colorado was one of many first states to legalize, however you possibly can guess we’ll see comparable tendencies in states which have legalized extra lately.

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