The 8 Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed

The world of weed is surprisingly dynamic and numerous. For instance, there are seemingly countless methods to truly eat hashish and get excessive. And every totally different type of hashish and technique of consumption produces barely totally different outcomes. Here are the quickest methods to get excessive with weed.


At this level within the historical past of hashish, dabs just about reign supreme. And for good purpose. Because dabs are concentrates, which suggests they’re just about pure THC and terpenes which are vaporized quite than burned, they produce a variety of highly effective results.

For starters, dabs usually have a stronger, extra pure style than different types of weed. Similarly, dabbing tends to supply robust highs that set in shortly. So in the event you’re on the lookout for the quickest methods to get excessive with weed, it’s time to start out dabbing.

THC Cartridges

THC cartridges are just about the identical factor as dabs. The key distinction is that as an alternative of setting a dab onto a scorching nail and inhaling the vapor by means of a water pipe, you employ a vape pen filled with THC oil.

But in the long run, the outcomes are just about the identical. Vaping a THC cartridge delivers remarkably pure smells and tastes. And because it’s just about straight THC, you’ll get blasted virtually immediately.


Hash is certainly the old-fashioned, basic, go-to technique for getting tremendous stoned tremendous quick. By smoking this potent hashish product, you’ll give your self an enormous dose of THC, making for a fast-acting and highly effective excessive.


Smoking a bong might be a superb option to get excessive shortly and simply. That’s largely as a result of bongs allow you to take additional huge rips, and theoretically, the extra THC-rich smoke you will get into your lungs and into your bloodstream, the faster your excessive will set in.

Water filtration is the rationale bongs allow you to take such massive rips. When you smoke a bong, you pull the recent weed smoke by means of water first. This pulls out a number of nasty toxins within the smoke. At the identical time, it additionally helps cool the smoke.

By the time it hits your lungs, the smoke is far cleaner, cooler, and smoother, permitting you to extra simply take large hits and maintain it in your lungs.


Steamrollers are a kind of weed pipe designed for one function: provide the largest hits potential. You can get just about any measurement steamroller conceivable. This permits you to match your steamroller to your lung capability.

The entire concept is to utterly max out how a lot smoke you will get in your lungs at one time. And, not surprisingly, this sometimes produces some fast-acting highs.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are good for fast-hitting highs for a pair causes. First, it’s a kind of bong, which signifies that it makes use of water filtration to create tremendous clean and funky smoke. This makes it simpler to take large rips.

Along with that, gravity bongs can be utilized to provide your self a  big and sudden blast of smoke. This, mixed, with the truth that the smoke is simpler to handle, tends to create a state of affairs good for getting excessive quick.

Smoke a Bowl

Smoking a bowl is one other respectable solution to get excessive shortly. This can also be one of many best, most simple methods to smoke weed.

Smoking a bowl may be one of many quickest methods to get excessive with weed since you’re pulling in unfiltered weed smoke, and since you have got full management over how a lot smoke you hit at a time.

Compared to bongs and vaporizer, this smoke can be a lot harsher and warmer, however when you’re used to it, you will get some fairly quick highs this manner.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are sort of a novelty merchandise. It’s a potent nug coated in sticky hash oil then rolled round in kief. As a end result, moonrocks are tremendous potent and full of THC.

When you smoke a moon rock, it is best to end up getting excessive fairly shortly. All that THC gained’t take lengthy to enter your bloodstream, and when that occurs, you’ll be sky excessive.

What Are The Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed?

Whatever your preferences, there’s some type of weed product or technique of consumption on the market for you. Some people are all concerning the tastes and smells of hashish. Others are purely in it for the THC. And in some instances, individuals wish to get as excessive as shortly as potential.

If this final state of affairs describes you, attempt one of many quickest methods to get excessive with weed featured on this listing. And, in fact, if all else fails, search for a potent pressure to smoke. This will at the least make sure that you’re getting loads of THC and different cannabinoids to get you excessive.


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