The Official High Times Magazine STASH Awards of 2018

Our yearly roundup of the perfect develop gear of the yr began in 1998 and was dubbed the STASH Awards (for Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture). Behold our knowledgeable decisions for the best cultivation gear of 2018.

STASH Awards 2018

BC Northern Nights Roommate

Best Grow Box: The BC Northern Lights Roommate

For virtually 20 years, BC Northern Lights has created and innovated the highest-quality develop packing containers on earth. The state-of-the-art models the corporate produces are nonetheless the one CSA/UL safety-approved packing containers obtainable, and the BCNL customer-service workforce offers round the clock help. Aspiring growers fascinated by rising a couple of crops for private use will love the Roommate—a compact, lockable, odor-free and automatic field on casters that’s discreetly shipped and able to plug and play in soil or hydroponic purposes.

Price: $2250

STASH Awards 2018

Ultra Trimmer

Best Trimming Machine: The Ultra Trimmer

The largest knock on industrial trimmers has all the time been that they destroy the gland heads containing the important oils we’re after. The models from Ultra Trimmer simulate scissors and keep away from manhandling valuable flowers whereas preserving the trichomes. The firm’s even been giving stay demonstrations with microscopes at our Cannabis Cups for over 5 years to point out how gently the machines work. It’s no secret why Ultra Trimmers are the primary merchandise to be federally patented particularly for trimming hashish.

$four,250, Collective; $eight,000, Industrial


STASH Awards 2018

Quest Dehumidifier

Best Dehumidifiers: Quest Dehumidifiers

High relative humidity causes extra moisture and condensation that may spoil a ganja backyard faster than a rabbit will get fucked. Avoid potential points with mould, mildew, and pests by using one of the highly effective dehumidifiers from Quest, every constructed to powerfully but effectively take away water from the air. At Quest, there’s a unit for each measurement and software, together with moveable and overhead variations. So take management of your setting and reap the advantages of a correct develop room local weather.

Prices differ

STASH Awards 2018

Stash Box

Best Grow Tent: The Stash Box from HighDroGro

If you search an reasonably priced develop tent that’s straightforward to assemble and take down, look no additional than the Stash Box. This sturdy tent is constructed with three home windows, heavy-duty lightproof zippers, a ducting port for venting and air-purification gear, and a detachable inside flood-prevention insert tray. It’s shipped in a compact and discreet field with every little thing you could get rising together with T5 fluorescent lights to maintain warmth at a minimal, carbon filters, humidity and temperature screens, and quiet however environment friendly followers.

Price: $665

STASH Awards 2018

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder

Best Worm Castings: Wiggle Worm Soil Builder

Nature offers the perfect plant meals, and sensible farmers know that earthworms are the workhorse of a productive natural backyard. Rich in vitamins and hint minerals, worm poop makes for an ideal delicate fertilizer and soil modification. The odor-free castings in Wiggle Worm Soil Builder include a money-back assure—so give them a attempt to your crops can be grateful. Mix the castings into your soil and top-dress your crops as wanted for the perfect outcomes.

$9.10, four.5 lbs.; $15.49, 15 lbs.; $26.89, 30 lbs.

STASH Awards 2018

Suite Leaf Finish

Best Flavor Enhancer: Suite Leaf Finish

Proper feeding in the course of the center to late levels of flowering could make or break a harvest because of the particular dietary necessities of blooming hashish crops. Suite Leaf Finish is a vegan formulation designed to naturally improve essential-oil manufacturing throughout this all-important part of progress. Perfect for soil or hydroponics, this dietary complement enormously improves the flavour and scent of your flowers and can improve the terpene profile considerably. Grow loud and end robust!

$12.82, 250 ml.; $24.65, qt.; $56.95, gal.

STASH Awards 2018

Green Cleaner

Best Pest Control: Green Cleaner from Central Coast Garden Products

We’re all the time in search of protected and pure methods to fight pests and powdery mildew in our gardens. Central Coast’s Green Cleaner kills mature bugs and their eggs whereas discouraging and repelling mould as properly. The combination coats and suffocates spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, broad mites, and russet mites. Spray it as a foliar software as wanted, ensuring to drench the floor of your medium and the underside of your leaves. Also, attempt Central Coast’s Root Cleaner to battle pathogens and pests on the soil degree.

Prices range

STASH Awards 2018

Mykos from Xtreme Gardening

Best Mycorrhizal Product: Mykos from Xtreme Gardening

Organic growers have discovered the advantages of colonizing their dwelling soil medium with a useful fungal community. These microbes work together with plant roots to interrupt down vitamins and in addition act as an inoculant to guard the plant from pests, pathogens, and illness. OMRI-certified Mykos incorporates a single species discovered to assist retailer plant meals and water whereas enhancing root uptake and growing yields considerably. Available as a granular unfold or a wettable powder, this miracle product works wonders.

Prices range

STASH Awards 2018

Under Current Evolution 9XL

Best Hydroponic System: Under Current Evolution 9XL from Current Culture H2O

Explosive hydroponic progress charges end result when plant roots have entry to extremely oxygenated nutrient answer. The patented Sub-Current Culture system within the UCE9XL makes use of premium pumps to recirculate a supercharged fluid wealthy with dissolved oxygen for beforehand unattainable ranges of absorption. The nine-plant mannequin is ideal for a 10′ x 10′ room or tent beneath 4 600-watt HID lights, and the XL model offers additional room for lateral progress, which tremendously will increase yields.

Starting at $2,054

STASH Awards 2018

Advanced Nutrients

Best Wetting Agent: Wet Betty from Advanced Nutrients

The plant scientists at Advanced Nutrients perceive that when plant-food answer sits on prime of arduous soil, roots can’t correctly take in the very important liquid and meals. Wet Betty, a non-ionic surfactant, lessens floor rigidity whereas softening and enhancing water droplets for higher uptake, resulting in stronger progress and larger harvests. Great as a soil drench or foliar feed, Wet Betty helps your nutes permeate extra effectively and successfully to maximise yields.

Prices differ

STASH Awards 2018


Best Air Filtration: Can-Filters

Clean air is completely essential to any profitable marijuana-growing op giant or small. Can-Filters have been on the forefront of air flow and filtration for almost three many years, and the corporate continues to be innovating with its line of reliable filters, followers, ducting and equipment. The pelletized and activated charcoal within the models acts like a sponge, eradicating odor particles from the spent air and scrubbing it clear of any telltale scents earlier than being expelled out of the area.

Starting at $142.13

STASH Awards 2018

Solis Tek

Best Grow Lighting: Solis Tek

Solis Tek has been on the forefront of indoor grow-lighting gear analysis and know-how for over a decade. Its full line of merchandise consists of one of the best digital HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting techniques together with HPS (high-pressure sodium) and MH (metallic halide) fixtures in addition to cutting-edge environment friendly CMH (ceramic metallic halide) models with each single and double-ended lamps. Solis Tek’s controllers, distant ballasts and reflectors make safely rising hashish with a number of lighting techniques heat-free and easy.

Prices range


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