Toker Travels: How to Buy Marijuana Legally in Jamaica

Depending on whom you ask, Red Stripe, Rum and Reggae are the primary causes to make a journey to Jamaica. But what they may not inform you, at the very least not the place would-be saboteurs is perhaps eavesdropping on the dialog, is that the perfect excuse to head down to the Caribbean island nation is to get your palms on a few of what the natives refer to because the Ganja.

For these not privy to the lingo, we’re speaking about hashish, also called marijuana, reefer, maui-wowie, Mr. Giggles, pot, weed, herb, smoke, grass, Mary Jane, the bubonic persistent, flower, and even broccoli. Yeah, admittedly we’re not followers of that final time period both. We’re blaming the Millennials for that one.

Nevertheless, regardless of the given nomenclature, marijuana has been a big a part of the Jamaican tradition for what looks like an eternity. But it has solely been up till just lately that the nation started loosening its pot legal guidelines.

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