Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences To Try When You’re High

What’s your concept of an ideal pot pairing? Is it watching a fantastic movie? Or maybe, enjoying a recreation or two of Fortnite? (Sorry, needed to go there). Or is it simply listening to your favourite album? Well, it’s 2018— have you ever thought-about digital actuality? While one may assume VR experiences are expensive, or a part of some unique secret society, it’s truly turning into increasingly more of a societal norm. PlayStation has one, X Box is getting one and there’s loads of different platforms to select from, too. But which of them are perfect for a smoke sesh? Don’t fear, we received you coated. Take a take a look at the highest 15 digital actuality experiences to attempt if you’re excessive.

15. Vacation Simulator

Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences To Try When You're High


Who doesn’t wish to get stoned on trip?

With Vacation Simulator, you’ll be able to toke up and loosen up at your favourite resort– within the consolation of your personal house.

Sure, you’d somewhat be sitting at an precise trip hot-spot, however that is the subsequent neatest thing. Especially for those who’re too baked to know the distinction.


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