Top 7 Cartoon Characters Who Smoke Weed

Cartoon creators have discovered each specific in addition to artistic, delicate methods to incorporate cartoon characters who smoke weed of their exhibits. Most of us have at the least one individual in our life that loves weed. A couple of cartoon creators have been sort sufficient to ensure they have been represented on the tv. Here is a few proof to assist show that these animation artists created cartoon characters who smoke weed.

1. Michaelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Top 7 Cartoon Characters Who Smoke Weed


Michaelangelo had the voice and angle of a “party dude,” because the 1987 theme track calls him. You don’t actually discover folks that chill in NYC until they’re hitting the bong.

Everything from the best way he talks to his insatiable urge for food is main us to consider he may need a hidden stash someplace.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America had a PSA that featured Michaelangelo suggesting a child who was provided pot get some pizza to go together with it.

However, Donatello was there to shoot the thought down with the favored saying from the early 1990s, “get real.”

“Drug dealers are dorks, don’t even talk to them,” Donatello added.


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