What Are Rose Blunts and How Do You Roll Them?

Sniffing the fragrant scent of ganja could also be certainly one of life’s greatest little pleasures. If you add the sunshine floral scent of a rose? Cannabis flowers have by no means smelled sweeter, since @simple_sasha tweeted a fast video tutorial demonstrating the right way to roll a rose blunt. Similar to flavored tobacco, a rose petal blunt amplifies the herbaceous style of the product. It’s a deep pink or purple, relying on which colour flower you decide petals from, classing up your smoking act fairly a couple of ranges. But what’s the step-by-step course of for rolling a rose blunt? And are there any cons to smoking rose petals?

How to Roll a Rose Blunt

  1. Grab some rose petals and an oven-safe pan.
  2. Line three petals on the pan, overlapping them.
  3. Set oven to broil, and put the pan in for ten seconds. The flower petals ought to seem a darker shade after they’re eliminated.
  4. Lick the underside of the flower petal to make it sticky, and then organize them into an overlapping row.
  5. Put it again on that very same pan. Set your oven to broil as soon as once more, heating the petals as soon as extra for ten seconds.
  6. After taking it out of the oven, let the petal papers relaxation for about two minutes. This resting interval will assist them to agency up, whereas nonetheless permitting them to be malleable for rolling functions.
  7. Grind up your bud tremendous nice, and place it into the center of your selfmade rose petal papers.
  8. Begin rolling it very tight, beginning on the spot on the papers the place the underside of the petals are. It ought to roll precisely like a blunt and be skinny, wanting considerably like a Backwoods. Keep in thoughts that tucking might function the perfect method to maintain the roll tight and the weed safely inside.
  9. Though the petals ought to already stick collectively to seal up the rose petal blunt, place it as soon as once more on the pan. Put that oven again on broil, and place the pan on the underside shelf for ten extra seconds.
  10. Let your rose blunt masterpiece set for about two minutes. Though the odor and look of the completed product could also be tantalizing, be affected person. It’s well worth the wait, and skipping this step might make the rose petal blunt not smoke in addition to you’d like.
  11. Light ‘er up. Enjoy some wanted aromatherapy.

The Pros of Rose Petal Blunts

With magnificence, the rose petal blunt provides a swankier, extra female tackle the blunt. The petals supply a softer style than a daily blunt, giving off the identical aromatics as an natural potpourri. Like different smokable herb blends that mix flower petals like rose and sage smoked by those that need to smoke in social settings however not eat tobacco, a rose blunt gives the security of smoking one thing pure. Cutting out the businesses that make rolling papers coated with dangerous chemical compounds, rolling your personal rose blunt provides you the safety of understanding the place all of the elements have come from. After all, blunts are arguably one of many least protected methods to get excessive due to their tobacco content material and due to how blunt wrappers are chemically handled.

Instead, attempt substituting a rose blunt for a daily blunt. Not solely is the rose a recognized temper enhancer, however it additionally might serve to assist insomnia or fatigue, particularly if added to some highly effective indica. Try totally different colours for a rainbow of rose petal blunt choices. Perhaps a pal has an upcoming birthday? Forget that bouquet of normal roses—a rose blunt bouquet provides your pal all the things they want and extra. And bonus! You get to maintain the additional petals from the flowers you purchase for your self now that you understand how to roll a rose blunt.

The Cons of Rose Petal Blunts

Unfortunately, not every thing could be 100% protected. Smoking something might be dangerous to the lungs.  Not to say, crops are sometimes grown with poisonous chemical compounds that solely serve to trigger different problems if ingested or inhaled into the human physique. For this purpose, when rolling up a rose petal blunt, attempt to use natural flowers or ones that haven’t been handled with pesticides or chemical compounds.

That means, when lighting up you’re taking in solely pure substances– all flowers, in any case!

Is the Rose Blunt the Best New Way to Smoke?

Reasonably, the web went abuzz after @simple_sasha tweeted her video on how you can roll a rose blunt. Everyone kicked themselves, questioning why one thing so sensible and straightforward had not been documented earlier than. But now that the key’s out, the advantages of the rose blunt appear extra and extra promising. The health-conscious pothead can now rejoice, rolling up her inexperienced with the arrogance that she’s solely placing flowers into her well-maintained physique.

So pinkies up, swank smoker. Enjoy these rose petal blunts.


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