What Are These Creepy Creatures In This Dude’s Attic?

Have you ever been hanging out, minding your personal enterprise and swiftly, you see some creepy creatures within the crawlspace? Your thoughts instantly goes to some darkish and twisted locations. You swear that you’ve some type of cryptid or monster in your home. Or perhaps, you assume for positive that you simply’ve simply made first contact with an alien species. You hope that, regardless of the state of affairs actually is, you make it out alive. That’s precisely what occurred a number of weeks in the past in a metropolis in India. Was this a Close Encounters of the Third Kind state of affairs? Or was it far more benign and terrestrial?

First Contact?

In the Indian port metropolis of Visakhapatnam, a shipyard employee stumbled upon a terrifying website. Two unusual, creepy creatures with large darkish eyes, pointed faces and stiff, upright postures within the crawlspace of the workers’ toilet. They’re putting, for positive. But what are they? The shipyard employee who made this wild discovery did what most of us would do in our period of “pics or it didn’t happen”. He took a video.

The video by itself is pretty chilling. The creatures, standing upright, stare down the employee with the digital camera. They’re small—keep in mind, the employee discovered them within the crawlspace— however the best way they stare unflinchingly on the digital camera is solely unnerving. The grainy high quality of the video provides to the horror-sci-fi vibe. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral in India. People who watched it have been satisfied that aliens have been hanging out in a toilet in a Visakhapatnam shipyard.

Final Hit: What Are These Creepy Creatures?

So what have been these creepy creatures within the ceiling? Were they aliens? Were they interdimensional creatures despatched by means of some portal to wreak havoc and destruction? The fact isn’t all that earth-shattering. As it seems, the creatures that the shipyard employee filmed have been owls. Barn owls, to be actual. They have been severely malnourished, which is why they vaguely resembled Roswell Greys. Since Indian regulation protects the barn owl species, locals have speculated that animals have been safely eliminated in order that they could possibly be nursed again to well being and rehabilitated to return into the wild.

Or is that rationalization too handy? Check out the video under and determine for your self: alien or owl?


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