Woman Sentenced For Trafficking 200 Pounds of Cocaine on a Cruise

Millions value of cocaine stashed away on an Instragrammable worldwide voyage…what might probably go fallacious? A Canadian lady sentenced for trafficking 200 kilos of cocaine on a cruise is taking a look at some critical jail time. In 2016, Australian police apprehended Melina Roberge, generally known as ‘Cocaine babe’, after she chronicled her trip on Instagram. Here’s a nearer take a look at Cocaine babe’s notorious voyage Down Under and the decide’s last verdict.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Woman Sentenced For Trafficking 200 Pounds of Cocaine on a Cruise

Australian Border Force

Melina Roberge embarked on the journey of a lifetime from New York City. During that week aboard the MS Sea Princess, Roberge and her confederate, former porn star Isabelle Lagace, posted pictures of the 11 nations and 17 ports the cruise ship visited, in line with Time. From Irish espresso to swimming in crystal clear water to tribal tattoos, the journey appeared to be going easily (and photogenically) for the smugglers.

According to the Washington Post, Roberge additionally shared some basic social media knowledge: “Traveling is one thing. But traveling with an open mind, ready to taste everything, see everything, learn everything and get yourself out of your comfort zone … is probably the best therapy and lesson ever.”

It doesn’t appear to be Roberge gained’t be touring a lot for the subsequent few years, until you rely deportation again to Canada.

On the 51st day of the 68-day journey, border brokers from Syndey searched the ladies’s cabin. What they discovered impressed headlines in all places: 209 kilos of cocaine value 30.5 million Australian dollars.

According to the Australian Border Force, the vacationers “did not have much room for clean underwear or spare toothbrushes.”

Cocaine Babe Was Recruited By Her Sugar Daddy

But solely 77 kilos of the cocaine was packed amongst Roberge and Lagrace’s issues. Like a Lana Del Rey music, most of the medicine (a whopping 130 kilos) have been in Roberge’s sugar daddy’s cabin.

60-year-old Andre Tamin is an prosperous Canadian who met Roberge when she was working as an escort. In Montreal, he related her with different potential shoppers.

“When we would attend nightclubs together he would introduce me to some of his friends and if I was interested I would spend time with these men,” Roberge informed the courtroom.

In 2015, Roberge embarked on a journey to Morrocco for Tamin. “I went on the trip and worked as an escort,” she defined. Roberge made an estimated $16,000 throughout that week.

After that journey’s success, Tamin provided her the cruise smuggling gig. The reward? $100,000. According to New South Wales state District Court Judge Kate Traill, Tamin “charmed her and spoiled her and became intimately involved with her.”

Melina Roberge’s Is Facing Hard Time and Deportation

Judge Traill had little sympathy for Roberge. According to new.com.au, Traill informed the courtroom, “She was seduced by the lifestyle and the opportunity to post glamorous Instagram photos from around the world.”

Some say that Instagram could be as addictive as cocaine.

The decide went on to denounce social media, and the superficial tradition it perpetuates. “It is a very sad indictment on her relative age group in society to seem to get self-worth relative to posts on Instagram,” stated Traill.

This lady sentenced for trafficking 200 kilos of cocaine on a cruise is dealing with 7 and a half years in jail. Roberge gained’t be up for parole for a minimum of four years and 9 months. Authorities anticipate deporting Roberge again to her native Canada.

By comparability, Isabelle Lagace, who pleaded responsible earlier on, acquired a much less extreme sentence. The courtroom will sentence Tamin this fall.

Final Hit: Woman Sentenced For Trafficking 200 Pounds of Cocaine on a Cruise

This French-Canadian former escort turned drug trafficker confronted trial for smuggling a business amount of cocaine. Though the utmost sentence for these expenses is life, Melina Roberge acquired solely 7 and a half years.

Perhaps Roberge’s willingness to report on her “sugar daddy”‘s worldwide drug and prostitution ring decreased her sentence.


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